Attention: EA Patch Notes 0.3.3 Thanks for playing early access! All data except username and account id will be wiped, premium shop purchases will be refunded as credit to your account, and redeemed codes will be re-usable once Lorwolf officially launches. Cross-site trading is prohibited during early access.
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Early Access FAQ
What is early access?

Early access represents our final phase of development/testing before official launch! We have been hard at work implementing changes from feedback users provided the beta, and also adding new content and site features. Early access will give us another chance to make sure everything is working as intended while giving players the opportunity to explore more of the world of Loria!

Who can participate in the early access?

Come one, come all! Early access will be open to everyone. Simply fill out the form on the Early Access Signup page.

What if I was a beta tester?

Beta testers do not need to sign up for early access. Their accounts have already been created and they will be able to log back into the game shortly before the first registration window opens.

What happens after I submit the early access sign up form?

Your information will be saved in our system and you will receive an email confirming that you have signed up. Once the early access launches, we will open several “registration windows” where users who signed up will be let into the site to register (on a first come, first serve basis). You will receive a second email notifying you when it is your turn to register.

What do you mean by first come, first serve?

We will let people register for an account based on the time that they filled out the early access sign up form. Registrations will be ordered from first completed to last completed. Those that sign up earlier will be able to register earlier.

Can I sign up for multiple accounts? Can I sign up for a friend?

No, there is only one account allowed per user. You may only sign up for yourself, not another user. If multiple accounts are found to belong to the same owner, the accounts will be banned.

Is this the same as the beta test?

The early access is very similar to the beta test, in that we are asking players to stress-test our latest features, such as Farming and Hunting. This is our time to find and squash as many bugs as possible before the game officially releases!

I earned alpha/KS/Patreon/giveaway items, how do I redeem these?

All items earned through our Patreon, Kickstarter, alpha test, or giveaways should have been sent to you via email in February of 2022. This email should contain a specific key code(s) that you can use on our Redemption page. Entering the code will send the items directly to your inbox. These codes can be used again during official launch.

Can I trade Lorwolf items with other games during the early access?

No, just like during the beta test, users may not trade LW items for off-site items/currency during the early access. Due to the temporary nature of the early access, and the data wipe, cross-site trading during the early access is forbidden. Trade discussions are allowed, but all trades must wait until Lorwolf has officially launched.

Will there be an early access Discord server?

No, all discussions of the early access may take place in Lorwolf’s official Discord server.

Can I share spoilers?

Yes, you can share anything about the game that you wish, including reviews, opinions, plot elements, screenshots, video recordings, etc.

Will there be a wipe of data at the end?

Yes. Much like the beta test, we will be performing a data wipe of all player wolves, items, currencies, etc. once the early access has ended. This is to ensure a level playing field for anyone who joins the game post-launch.

What happens to the premium currency I bought with IRL money?

Early access players are able to buy premium currency from the Premium Shop if they so desire. Once Lorwolf is fully released, all early access purchases will be refunded to your account in the form of game credit.

When will the early access end and the game be released?

We do not have a set date for Lorwolf’s official release, but we estimate it will be sometime in early 2023. The early access will continue for as long as necessary to ensure stability. Once the early access has ended, we plan on releasing the game shortly after.