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1 month ago

Hey there! I'm ScreethTheMoth, or just screeth! I've been watching this since the Kickstarter started- but I was too nervous to talk to people and had no money to support and get all the benefits.

But anyways I'm happy to say I'm here now! And I'm happy to say I'll be staying a long while :]
here's a lil info:

-Any pronouns

-Love to make some new friends and have people to talk to!

-Likes to grind stuff for food and pebbles, so if you need any food- now or when the game fully comes out- ill happily give ya some!

-I adore pastel and food themed wolves!

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1 month ago

Hello! I haven't been able to make an introduction post yet since I am also busy doing the grind

I'm slowly starting to run out of food, but I still have a lot of water. It's nice of you to offer and I'm sure people will appreciate it! I also find your wolves super cute - I had no idea what I was doing with mine, so they look pretty random haha. Hope to see you around~

edit: also, half of my post disappeared lol, give me a bit. Should put that as a bug.

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1 month ago
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Welcome to Lorwolf, Screeth!

It's great to have you here! And your pastel wolves look adorable!

We hope you enjoy playing and exploring Loria!

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