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Roan's Divination Shop

Sigh, my title is messed up…

I am a Solitary Eclectic Witch who has been using Divination for 6 years now. I began my journey with Divination well before my journey as a witch. I practice a few different forms of divination, these being Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand, Runes, and Charms. As I further my practice I will add any other divinatory forms I end up learning.

I am going through my decks to update this list, I have gotten a few more and have yet to update.

What is Divination?

Divination is the art of seeking knowledge of the future and unknown, generally with the use of tools. There are a large number of tools that one can use for Divination and some work better with a person's energy than others. When Divining one connects their energies with the energies of the Earth and lets them work together to answer their question(s).


--Do you accept trades??

That depends on what you wish to offer! Let me know what you have to offer and I a sure we can work something out!

--What would you accept for a trade?

Art, writing, wolves, anything really so long as we talk about it and both agree.

--How would we trade with art?

I would do your reading when you send me a preview of the art, make sure you put a watermark on it! Not that I would steal it of course! But it is always a good idea to send previews of finished pieces at lower res and with a watermark to avoid someone stealing. Your reading would be done shortly after that.

--How many questions can I ask per reading?

One question = One reading

--How will I receive my reading?

I will PM you your reading.

--Will I get a picture of my reading?

All of my readings come with an image of the cards. If an image on the cards is not acceptable for all audiences I will send the picture with the card in question face down or covered with an acceptable image from another deck, the same card of course.

--Can I pick two decks?

If you want multiple decks of the same divinatory type to be used instead of one let me know, for example, if you want me to use the Good Tarot and Hanson-Roberts Tarot at the same time. Using only two Tarot decks or two of any of the same divinatory methods does not count as a combination reading.

--Current MS to Pebble ratio

With the fluctuation, if you request to pay in pebbles I will have to go into the sales and do some calculations based on what is for sale at the moment for Pebbles and MS and average a few sales together.

--USD Pricing

$1 : 10 MS

Through pay pal or cash app

Asking Questions?

Asking a question is fairly simple, but asking the right questions can pose much more of a challenge. The way you phrase your question can affect the quality of the reading itself, because you may not be tailoring your question to the divination type's strong suit. Here is a nice guide to phrasing your questions.

-Do not ask yes/no questions. Unless for Lenormand yes or no spread. While yes, technically the cards can answer this type of question, it is not ideal in the slightest. The way tarot cards give their input is by sending you messages and offering keywords, which are not easily translated into a "yes" or "no" output.

-Do not ask for a time-based answer. Asking "when will this happen" is a very hard thing for readers to answer properly. We can only give estimates based on the keywords we're given. For example, if a card talks of growth and love, then you may make the conclusion that this will happen during the Spring, but it's not a very concrete method. In short, your answer is more likely to be inaccurate.

-Do not ask questions related to an emergency. Questions related to the success of surgery, someone in the ICU, or any other health/safety emergency are difficult to answer, and also generally inappropriate.

With those three things in mind, try and generate a question in your head. What do you want to know? What will help you in your current situation? How should you be handling things? That is what the cards will do best with answering.

Questions I will not read for.

Anything medical-related. I am not a doctor so I can not answer these questions.
I will not read on another person's behalf. This means that I will only do a reading for you, not 'Why does person A not like me Or What does Person S think of me?" Those types of questions I can not do as they are not giving me their permission to read their energies.


Divination is not fixed. Situations change depending on outside factors. Please know that the readings given here are what I can divine from a set of inputs at one point in time. It can easily change and be influenced by your decisions, others' decisions, etc. That being said please take time to think and do not act solely based on what you read here.

Ordering a Reading

I would like everyone to know that I do work a full-time job, as such it could take a few days to get your reading to you. Also, the more cards in the reading, the longer it will take to get to you.

Divination Type:
Deck You want me to use:
Spread or Number of Cards:
Sales Code:

Sales and Discounts

Only one sales code can be used per reading, ALL sales are time-sensitive.

New Thread Sale:
Details: First 5 customers get 25% off
Date: Goes until I get five customers
Code: NEW

Some people may end up with discounts, they can be found here.


Tarot is, obviously, a form of Divination. It originated as a card game in mid-15th century Europe and evolved into a type of Divination in the late 18th Century. It is made of 78 cards each belonging to either the Major or Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana tells a story of the Fool's Journey throughout its entirety, is made up of 22 cards, beginning with 0 - The Fool and ending with 21 - The World. The Minor Arcana is divided into 4 different suits each one having 14 cards of its own, four of them being Court cards and the rest numbered 1 - 10. Different decks may name their cards differently or have different Suit names for their Minor Arcana as well as different titles for their Court cards, but each card has a general meaning or message no matter the deck that one uses.


Tarot Illuminati
The Good Tarot
The Wild Unknown
Sante Muerte
Name Unknown
Everyday Tarot
Nightmare Before Christmas
Modern Witch Tarot
Wooden tarot
Wild Wood
Wheel of the Year


Per Card - 10 MS
Ancestor Readings - 30 MS
Year Ahead - 30 MS
Tarot Horoscope - 30 MS
Reincarnation - 100 MS*

*Reincarnation readings are very draining, they take a lot of energy and offer a large amount of information about your past life, what you can learn from it, who you were in it, and more, thus the high price. Discounts will not apply to these readings.


Oracle is a type of Divination that has as few as 20 or as many as 144 cards to a deck. They have a wide variety of meanings to each card that is deck specific. There are a vast number of ways to read and interoperate Oracle cards.


The Halloween Oracle
Celtic Trees
Celtic Animals
The Earthbound Oracle
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Past Life Oracle (Past Life/Reincarnation Readings Only)
Queen of the Moon Oracle
Literary Witches Oracle
Green Witch
The Illustrated Beastiary
Oracle of the Faires
Lantern Oracle
Starseed Oracle


Per Card - 10 MS
Ancestor Readings - 30 MS
Year Ahead - 30 MS
Reincarnation - 100 MS*

*Reincarnation readings are very draining, they take a lot of energy and offer a large amount of information about your past life, what you can learn from it, who you were in it, and more, thus the high price. Discounts will not apply to these readings.

- -


There are two different types of Lenormand decks, I use The Petit Jeu Lenormand or the Little Game Lenormand. It is made up of 36 cards. There are a number of different spreads. Yes and No spread, 3 cards, and ones that use all of the cards, which I do offer here as my most expensive. The other type is The Grand Jeu, which has begun fading throughout the years. I do hope to do some digging into this type as well, for now, I am sticking with the Petit Jeu.


The Seeker's Lenormand
Fairy Tale Lenormand


Yes/No - 10 MS
Two Card - 20 MS
Plus 10 MS per additional card
36 Card - 250 MS*
Yearly - 30 MS

*The 36 card spread uses all of the cards in the deck and takes quite a bit of time to interpret thus the more expensive price.


What are Runes? Runes are letters in the runic alphabets of Germanic-speaking people. But a rune is not merely a letter in an old Germanic alphabet, but rather it bears the primary definition of " secret" or "mysterium." Runic scriptures are designed to be inscribed into wood and metal but modern uses include runes to be inscribed onto the bone, ceramics, and even glass. Basically, the runes functioned as letters, but they were much more than just letters in the sense in the sense of how we use and understand them today. Generally, the alphabet used is the Elder Futhark which is made up of 24 runic letters; thus most rune sets contain 24 tokens (commercial sets sometimes add a 'blank rune' as well). I do not use a blank rune. These tokens can be randomized for divination purposes in several ways. For example, they can be drawn from a bag, tossed onto a cloth, or arranged in various 'spreads'. The meanings of the runic characters are then interpreted by the rune reader.

The runes can be used to help guide you through problems or issues and help show you what is likely to happen. They're not a form of fortune-telling and don't offer exact answers or give you advice – rather they offer different variables and suggest how you could behave if the event does occur. Runes are known for hinting towards answers but leaving you to work out the details, which is where intuition is helpful.

Runic readers acknowledge that the future isn't fixed and that individuals have the power to follow their own path and make their own decisions. So if you don't like the guidance that a rune reading provides, you've got the power to change your direction or your path, and follow a different route.

Runes can be used in many different situations. For example, one of the occasions, when it can be useful to consult the runes, is if you're in a situation where you have limited information, or can only see an incomplete picture.

There are also Runes called Witches Runes. The Witch's Runes are a set of 8 or 13 occult symbols used for divination and magic. These runes are very mysterious and we know little about them.

Rune Sets

Elder Futhark Stone
Elder Futhark Wooden
Witches Runes


One Rune - 10 MS
Two Runes - 20 MS
Each additional Rune adds 10 MS
Three Lifetimes Reading (Futhark Runes Only) - 100 MS*

*Three Lifetime readings are very draining, they take a lot of energy. These are not readings to ask me to do when you are feeling agitated or when I am feeling off, please ask before having me do one to see if I am in the right mindset. This type of reading gives you an understanding of what you need to learn from your past life to change your present thus affecting your future incarnation.


Charm casting is a form of divination during which charms, small baubles, and trinkets are gently tossed, sometimes across a special chart created to depict different aspects of life. The charms used can be virtually any small objects that are able to be gently tossed. Buttons, beads, coins, small crystals, river rocks, rings, bottle caps, necklace pendants, and acorns can all be used to cast charms. After all, the objects themselves aren't inherently magical; the magic is in the intent and symbolism you personally give each trinket.


Odds and Ends


One Handful (Around 8-11 charms) - 10 MS
Two Handfuls - 20 MS


Combinations are mixes of two or more types of divination types together while doing a reading.

Combo Types Available

Two Type
Three Type
Four Type
Five Type


The cost for these will vary depending on the number of cards/runes/etc you want to be pulled for each type as well as the question you have. As with my other methods, reincarnation would be more than say a yearly reading. It also will depend on if you want the cards/runes/etc partnered with each other, this means for each card a rune would be with it, or a handful of charms, etc. We will discuss the cost and agree on pricing before I begin the reading.

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