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1 month ago
What are you reading?/Popsugar Reading Challenge 2023

What are you reading or planning on starting soon??

These are the 4 books that I have planned for this month.

Intuitive Witchcraft by Astrea Taylor
The Old Magic of Christmas by Linda Raedisch
The Great Wheel: Winter by Jo Graham

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

I am planning on partaking in the Popsugar reading Challenge for 2023. For those of you interested in it here are the prompts.

  • A book you meant to read in 2022
  • A book you bought from an independent bookstore
  • A book about a vacation
  • A book by a first-time author
  • A book with mythical creatures
  • A book about a forbidden romance
  • A book with "Girl" in the title
  • A celebrity memoir
  • A book with a color in the title
  • A romance with a fat lead
  • A book about or set in Hollywood
  • A book published in spring 2023
  • A book published the year you were born
  • A modern retelling of a classic
  • A book with a song lyric as its title
  • A book where the main character's name is in the title
  • A book with a love triangle
  • A book that's been banned or challenged in any state in 2022
  • A book that fulfills your favorite prompt from a past challenge
  • A book becoming a TV series or movie in 2023
  • A book set in the decade you were born
  • A book with a queer lead
  • A book with a map
  • A book with a rabbit on the cover
  • A book with just text on the cover
  • The shortest book (by pages) on your TBR list
  • A #BookTok recommendation
  • A book you bought secondhand
  • A book your friend recommended
  • A book that's on a celebrity book club list
  • A book about a family
  • A book that comes out in the second half of 2023
  • A book about an athlete/sport
  • A historical-fiction book
  • A book about divorce
  • A book you think your best friend would like
  • A book you should have read in high school
  • A book you read more than 10 years ago
  • A book you wish you could read for the first time again
  • A book by an author with the same initials as you


  • A book written during NaNoWriMo
  • A book based on a popular movie
  • A book that takes place entirely in one day
  • A book that was self-published
  • A book that started out as fan fiction
  • A book with a pet character
  • A book about a holiday that's not Christmas
  • A book that features two languages
  • The longest book (by pages) on your TBR list
  • A book with alliteration in the title
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1 month ago

Oooo this sounds fun,

The current book im reading as of now is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (altho it's more of a re-read)

What I'm planning to read (mostly next year)

The Stolen Heir by Holly Black

Watership Down by Richard Adams

The Ballad of Never After by Stephanie Garber

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1 month ago

I went on a book binge yesterday and my wallet is crying :') For the past few years I've been mainly looking at local literature! (but it's in English, so other people can check them out if interested!)

Currently reading: Nightfall by Eliza Victoria

Planning to read: A bunch once I actually fix my shelf and have all the books I bought over the pandemic in one place, lol. I bought an anthology on dragon stories with local context, a YA-looking novel, and another anthology of horror stories. I also bought another book from Eliza Victoria that's still in plastic lol.

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1 month ago

Oh, they all sound great! I will have to invest some money in a few of them.

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1 month ago

I'm reading “To Sleep in a Sea of Stars” by the same author of Eragon! I forgot his name. Its good so far… I'm actually not planning on reading a whole lot next year because I'm gonna try to finally write my own book :D

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1 month ago
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Currently reading: The Ill-Made Mute

Planning to read next year: The Well of Echoes Quartet

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1 month ago


Good luck with your book!!

Quiche, I looked them up, they sound pretty good.

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1 month ago

Currently reading: The Once And Future King by T. H. White

To read:

Suns Will Rise(System Divine bk 3)

Watership Down

The Silmarillion

The Witcher Series

big, big reader here. i have enough books that you could consider my room a tiny library of sorts(so many bookshelves!). Most of what I read is sci-fi/fantasy/horror

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