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1 month ago
Jerboa's Artshop | Pumpkins, Pebbles, or MS!

hellohellohello everyone! i'm jerboa the pumpkin hoarder + artist, here to draw all sorts of fluffy friends ^^
my only rules are the basics. will NEVER do NSFW, make sure to credit me if you use the art elsewhere, dont get rid of my watermark if i remember to add one.

I have both pricing and examples here:

and here's the basic form! doesnt have a lot of info since ill be working out the actual important details in PMs (like character refs, any SPECIFIC details you want, etc)

Your user ID :

Headshot or Fullbody? :

Any addons / Extra characters? :

Moonstones, Pebbles, or Pumpkins? :

Currently only taking 3 slots but i may reopen these later.

1 :

2 :

3 :

Quote (Coming Soon)