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1 month ago
Seeking: Alpha Unicorn and/or Crown for Launch

Hoping to get a deal made in advance of launch for the Alpha Unicorn Companion and/or the Alpha Crown item!

I'm not particularly interested in the full bundle, but might be interested for collection purposes.

What I have to Offer


-**Very Tentative** 4-Digit Alpha Celestial Pup (only for full bundle)

-Alpha Support Trinket

-50mil+ in Pure Potatoes

-KS Jeweled Unicorn (6Digit, 1Luck)

-Custom Item: Rat Lord (item grants)

-Various 4 & 5 Digit pets.

-Complete set of all monthly premium Chest items, not to be separated out.


-120,000 pure gems

(Can move Dappervolk potatoes into FRgems)


-All KS rewards and support bundles, very tentative on these, depends on what is wanted.

Original Artwork:

I specialize in character and costume design work. I can also do anthro, backgrounds, scenery, and comics.

-B/W Original Designs, -Full Render, Original Design, -B/W Scene, Multicharacter -Limited Color, Original Creature Design

-I have very limited hours for art, so I'd at maximum be offering (1) full piece or a couple sketches as apart of a deal.

-I can also offer Custom Apparel for Lorwolf in exchange, either granted to or the files given over on commission! Lorwolf Custom Apparel Shop.

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