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7 days ago
Weird lag and loading issues

Hi! So, recently, the site has had some weird issues.

1) when exploring, sometimes pressing “hunt” or "follow scent' etc will come up with a loading wheel that never resolves itself. Refreshing the page fixes it temporarily, but you lose the battle (for example, particularly devastating when I'm trying to get 10 explore kills and this happens on a triple bovius), and you also lose the energy for that battle.

2) I finished a hunt, or maybe started one- I can't remember if I had four or five active hunts, and I didn't think to take a picture. One of the hunts moved and was displayed a row or two below where it should be. It was very obviously a bug. Refreshing did not fix. I had to complete/claim the hunt for the issue to resolve.

3) The same loading issue has happened when trying to name wolves, feed them, breed them, assign a new companion, claim an activity bonus, etc- anything that requires saving, I think, as it's always when a little loading wheel can come up. For instance, switching between wolves or pages never brings about this issue- only when something needs to save on the “same page,” if that makes sense. The fix is similar - refreshing will fix it temporarily; however, whatever you were trying to do will not change, and you have to do it again. The only notable deviation from this is when I was trying to name a wolf (this one, if it helps). The page would not let me refresh or go to a different page, and I ended up having to close the tab. It's like it shorted something out, but when I came back in a new tab, the name was saved.

4) I did think to get a picture of this, thankfully! These are all silver ore, and my wolf is “just chillin” instead of smelting. Refreshing does not fix the issue. My guess is that I'll have to just go back to mining, and when I come back to smelt again it will work properly. I have 20 ore slots, if that helps at all!

Let me know if I can provide anything else that would be of help! Sorry I have not been able to provide any more screenshots. I will update the post if I can manage to get some.

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