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Hello! I wish to submit two entries for the first week! We just have to submit 2 a week to get the apparel for the according week, is that right? Sorry if this is not what you meant in the previous posts, I was a bit confused! Also I posted two in one so that I would not clog up this forum! Please tell me if you would like to receive the entries in a different way if the forum has too many posts in this, I can delete my post and resend the stories via email or message on Lorwolf directly!

I wanted to explain a bit about my pack’s lore beforehand, so you don’t get confused by what the wolves call each other during the story! Basically each wolf in this pack has a normal name and a formal name. The normal name is used by wolves in higher or adjacent places as you, for example, the Alpha would call all the other wolves by their normal names, except for the elders, in which she would call then “Elder (Formal Name Here). Whip Wisher calls White Weaver (the latter being the alpha), Alpha Weaver, using her title and her formal name, whereas White calls Whip Wisher “Whip”. If there was a warrior wolf in the story, (say their name is Dream Eater [really random name XD]) White would call them Dream, and Whip would call them Warrior Eater (Welp that’s weird LOL). The roles in the pack are Alpha, Beta (Second in command), Warrior, and Elder. This is just my temporary lore style for the Early Access, once Lorwolf officially comes out I think I’m going to make the hierarchy less prominent in the clan! Hopes that clears things up a bit!

We’ve all experienced some great change in our lives before, so in that way, we are all butterflies going through that great change in our lives! We all grow a lot after that change, don’t we? If you could be a butterfly, what would you look like? Would it be a pattern to represent your personality or just your favorite color? Personally, I would probably look like a monarch butterfly, bold orange with linings of black!

Soft singing passed to the clearing where White Weaver sat, reading a book. It was Whip Wisher, the crafts wolf of the clan. She was on laundry duty today, down at the stream, beating the cloths against rocks over and over again, and she always sang as she worked, and as she said that it made her happier, so of course White Weaver allowed it.

Whip Wisher was not yet considered full grown, but she was clever enough to have been accepted into the pack young, and she brought many skills along with her. She taught the newly born pups how to make sculptures out of the mud that usually became mud pies, the elders of the clan how to make paper birds to send into the sky with their wishes, and clever inventions that were now enforced all around the pack.

“Alrighty! The work’s all done and out of the way!” Whip swept into the clearing, clever paws stretching the clothing lines and hanging the dripping laundry up even as she spoke. “Wake up early and happy and bright, so that you can go to sleep early at night!” She ended off her song with a grand finale, and turned to the young wolf puppy named Ermine leaper already holding onto her leg. “Whip! You’re finally here! You said you’ll teach me how to fold a butterfly that can fly, right? Come on, I’ve been waiting for so long!!” Ermine pulled Whip towards the small circle of stumps, where other puppies were already sitting, with neat sheets of paper in front of them.

White moved in closer, interested in the lesson. Sensing the Alpha approaching, Whip looked up and immediately bowed, as was the required procedure. “Sorry, Alpha Weaver, I’ve already finished my chores for the day, I’m just keeping a promise I made earlier today to the puppies.”

White waved her away as she bowed, saying, “No need for the bowing, and of course you have finished your chores. You are a very diligent wolf, and I know that. You’re clever enough that maybe one day you’ll replace me as Alpha of the clan.”

Whip looked earnestly surprised at the praise, and responded, “Of course not yet, Alpha Weaver. You are far too strong right now for anyone to. And even if that will happen one day, it won’t hurt to learn the correct etiquette today, to pass them on to others in the future.”

Whip had a clever brain and smart sentences, and White appreciated that, smiling at Whip. “Carry on with your lesson, I’m sure the younglings are extremely eager to learn.”

“Of course, Alpha Weaver, would you like to learn as well?” Whip passed a clean sheet of white paper to White, then turned to include the puppies in the lesson as well. “Now, as we all have learned, origami is an art of balance. One fold this way, and a few folds later, another fold the opposite way. The work is always centered, and you have to get every fold right so the end result will be as intended. Now, before we begin, of course we have to know what we are folding. Ermine, tell us what we are making today!”

Ermine looked eager at the opportunity to prove himself, especially in front of the Alpha, and said confidently, “We are folding butterflies!”

“Yes! Do any of you know what a butterfly comes out of?” Whip asked the crowd of eager participants.

“Something squishy!” One called out.

“Something sticky!” Another said.

“You’re all not wrong! But what is it specifically? It is made out of silk!” Whip prodded the pups in the right direction.

“A chrysalis?” White asked.

Whip nodded at the Alpha and repeated the answer to the pups. “Now, a chrysalis is also known as a cocoon, and it is what caterpillars go into to become butterflies.

“What do they do in there?” The pups clambered over each other to ask questions.

Whip seemed happy at how eager the puppies were, and replied, “Well, the caterpillars dream in their cocoons. They dream that they are roaming the skies and swooping the winds and sailing the mist, and you know what? Eventually, they do.”

(Word Count: 701; I used Microsoft Word to write this, but if you would like to check again of course!! Just hopes this might help a bit.)

I’m posting my second entry for this week in this section of the post, I think I’m going to be doing 1 lore piece and 1 poem each week, since lore usually takes pretty long to write. Hope that’s alright!

This poem is about day 2’s prompt, renewal and new beginnings, and never giving up and leaving when you have already tried, because you know you can eventually do anything! On a completely other note, I mentioned a lucky clover in the poem, and that got me thinking. Have you ever found a four leaf clover? I remember when I was really small, I accidentally found one as I was playing in the park. There were these series of stone benches on a hill, and I was jumping from one to the other when I fell. It was not that big of a fall, but I scraped my face and because I was really young, crying like the sky just came crashing down. I just happened to look down, and found a tiny clover growing by where my hand landed. I didn’t even realize it was four leaved when I found it, I just plucked it up and showed it to my mother, and that’s when I realized how special it was! I used to keep it in a small box, but alas, that was years ago, and I can’t find the clover now, sadly. However I know it will always be with me spiritually and give me luck! Do you have anything like that, maybe a lucky charm?

Every day, dawn comes.

Every night, the air hums.

Every rainfall, the sky thrums.

Every snowfall, the ground numbs.

The four seasons, a new year.

Day and night, a new day.

Eventually, the changes are unclear.

But forever will come the sun’s ray.

Fresh woven baskets,

Newly watered blooms.

They wave at you happily,

Chase away your dooms.

Don’t be afraid to start over,

Soon you will find your lucky clover.

The sky’s touch is gentle,

You are forever special.

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Day 8: Mist

A head butting up against his cheek roused Lunan from a deep, comfortable sleep. He huffed and snorted, blinking open his eyes and lifting his head to see Winter Sky peering at him with wide blinking eyes.

"What is it?" he asked, opening his jaws in a huge yawn that shut his eyes.

"Something weird has happened to the world!" the pup gasped. Lunan stopped mid-yawn, blinking for a few moments before shutting his mouth with a snap of teeth and looking around. It was early dawn and the air held just a tiny bit of coolness overlaying a heaviness he felt in his fur.

"Hmm," he mused as beside him Celestia sat up as well, leaving their other two pups laying in the grass where they'd been sleeping by her belly. Dusk Eyes kicked his paws where he'd been sleeping on his back, working on waking up and righting himself, while Snow Pine was curled up and whined as he didn't want to get up yet. The sunlight streamed in golden beams through the heavy mist that lay over the plains. It was thick enough that beyond a few wolf-lengths the grassland wasn't visible but the male wolf highly doubted that it would last terribly long. This wasn't a full fog.

"Where'd everything go?" asked Dusk Eyes as he tumbled over onto his side and blinked in confusion.

"Mist rose up while we were sleeping," explained Celestia. She bent her head and gave Snow Pine a few licks to help get him up.

"Mist?" echoed Winter Sky.

"It happens sometimes," their mother replied. "It's like a cloud, but come down to the ground instead of staying up in the sky."

"Clouds can come down?" This was said by both Winter Sky and Dusk Eyes, their eyes wide in their faces. They looked at one another then back at their parents, clearly awed at the thought.

"Yes." Lunan couldn't explain it any better, really. "Eventually the sun will clear it away."

"Awww!" Dusk Eyes frowned. His brother took a different take on it.

"Can we play in the mist? Can we can we can we?" He was bouncing on all paws in excitement. Snow Pine squeaked in agreement.

"Alright," Celestia relented indulgently. "Just make sure you can always see us, and if you get lost howl so we can find you."

"Alright!" the two elder pups chorused and they ran off with their younger-born brother on their tail.

"We'll wait until the mist clears to move on," Lunan commented, standing and giving himself a shake. "But I'll take advantage of the mist and do some morning hunting. The rabbits will be more comfortable to come out." She nodded and he slipped away silently. Meanwhile Celestia sat with her tail tucked around her side, watching her pups chase the sunbeams.

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I made a couple more entries for the other days of week 1. Bloom and Renewal and Scent.

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