24 days ago
Collecting G1 wolves and Bracchus

Collecting G1 dragons is my little hobby on Flight Rising and I am sure I will do it here too. Sadly, my favourite breed at the moment is Bracchus. I'm not going to lie to myself I can can get one so there's my question to fellow G1 collectors if theres some: how you dealing with such problems? Are you giving up on breed entirely or maybe just collecting G2's from said breed?

Or maybe you have some other ideas of collecting Bracchus wolves with this satisfying feeling of heaving something really valuable?

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23 days ago

I want to have a little army of Bacchus wolves upon Official, but I know it's not happening XD

However if I do get hold of a pair of Bracchus I do plan on breeding them and selling/gifting them to other people. That's a long term plan, though

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