27 days ago
Level 17
Alpha Testing - Final Updates

With only a few days left of Alpha testing, we wanted to share a final update going over some interesting statistics, special treats, and some of our plans moving forward.

Alpha Testing Statistics
We were able to gather some extremely valuable statistics for Lorwolf’s gameplay during this testing phase, and we were very excited by the results. Here are some of the more interesting stats we thought you all might like to see!

Number of players: 124
Number of wolves created as of 10/31/20: 20,207
Companion with highest win rate in Arena: Holiday Snowcat
Most popular breed: Lupin
Coolest Pack survey results: 43.5% selected Goldsea

Special Rewards
As you know, original key owners will be given a Golden Unicorn companion for every key they won/purchased through us. To show even more appreciation, we wanted to create some extra goodies to give to all of our Alpha testers so you can show off that you participated in the Alpha testing phase. Those items include:

  • 1 Alpha tester forum decor item
  • 1 Alpha tester forum banner
  • 1 Alpha tester apparel item

I have not finished the art for these yet but I will post an update when they are! We will be sending these items to every person who signed up for the Alpha test in the form of a key code. This code will be emailed to the address you used when signing up, and can be redeemed both during the Beta test and final launch.

Lorwolf Plans for the Future
At 11:59 PM on Wednesday, November 4th, we will be wiping all game data from the server. This will include all user accounts and IDs. We will also be locking the Lorwolf Alpha Discord server from any future communication, but will keep it saved so that we can go back and reference it if needed.

We will be hosting a Kickstarter to help us raise funding for the rest of Lorwolf’s development, and also host one more round of testing - the Beta test. We will conduct the Beta test in much the same way as this Alpha test with a full month of testing and a special Beta testing Discord server. People who earned Alpha keys through our now retired Patreon tiers would have earned the same number of Beta keys, so those that have extras may trade them to others if they so wish! Anyone who hasn’t earned a Beta key yet will get a chance to buy one through the Kickstarter at a base price of $5.

In addition, we wanted to share some good news! We will NOT be wiping usernames or IDs after the Beta test has concluded, so everyone will be able to keep the name and user ID they used during the Beta test for the final launch. The Kickstarter will also feature an Early Access Tier that will allow users to sign up and play the Beta test 2 days before anyone else so they can snag a lower ID if so desired! Anyone who earned in-game rewards will also be able to redeem those rewards during the Beta test, like the Golden Unicorn, the Grimalkin, Alpha tester rewards, and anything else!

We want to thank all of you again so much for taking the time to test out Lorwolf. We appreciate your patience, diligence, and efforts in finding bugs and errors that we missed. We were able to gather hundreds of your suggestions which we know, once implemented, will make this game all we want it to be and more. Seriously, Lorwolf would not be where it is today without all of you, so thank you. We hope to see you back for the Beta test and official launch of the game!

Moonsblessings, JimJim and Alaunis

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