4 months ago
Beta Bug Reports Info

Have you encountered a bug, issue, or anything that seems to not be working quite right? This is the place to report them! When reporting a bug, please use the following format:

Title: [Specific Area] and Topic, e.g. “[Campaign] Error Screen”

  • Description: Description of bug, including the action that created it.
  • Error Message: If applicable, copy and paste any error message here.
  • Browser/Device: If applicable, list the specific browser and device you are using.
  • Screenshots: If applicable, attach any screenshots of the issue.

For example:

We ask that you thoroughly search for your issue within the existing threads to avoid duplicate bug reports. If your bug report has already been posted by someone else, feel free to add a comment to their post with your specific experience.

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2 months ago

Title: Breed Change - Wolf Icon clothing Display error

  • Description: Checked Zerda breed change display, my female Jocol was wearing the Alpha Tester Crown and in her image it appeared blurred
  • Error Message: N/A
  • Browser/Device: Microsoft Edge, Windows 10
  • Screenshots:
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