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Bloodmoon Druid Sigils Excerpt

Kajji handed you the greasy, still dripping parchment. The same black liquid from the Frostbitten Patrol reports coats the new letters Kajji nudges towards you. You know better now not to touch the stinging fluid.

Days had gone by. The swamps had become silent except for the barely audible snap of a branch or a bubble popping the infested waters. Stranded from my Coven, I awaited aid but feared they would not come.

Stepping into my study, I peered down from my treetop home, the only thing that had saved me from the initial wave of the Consumed stalking the edge of the waters. Food runs were becoming harder to maintain as I stripped the nearby resources bare.

It was dawn when I observed the Nytha drink deep of the abyss-like water and slither off, leaving behind thick, dark trails. Another of the Consumed.

It was impossible to go further out without terrible risks. I hardly know when they will strike next, for the Consumed appeared as naturally as the wind blows through the trees. Days became weeks, and hunger and fear had long settled deep inside of me.

I begged Luana for strength, shoved my snout to the ground, and was met with a piece of paper I had never seen before in all my years of study. The rough parchment was etched with a powerful image of a wolf I had only heard of in passing. It filled my senses with a powerful, wild, and deadly aura.

Had Luana heard my pleas, or was this an insidious plot when I was at my lowest? I admit that I was too weak to consider the consequences of the latter and slammed my shaking paw to the etchings.

Runes lit up around my paw, travelling up to encase my body. My teeth grew twice their size, yet I felt no pain. In fact, I felt as if another were against me, brushing their paws to reshape me and recreate my outer shell. What was once a humble, sleek form became hulking and strong. The floorboards of my roost creaked under my weight.

I had thought my connection to the Elder Wolves in my blood would be severed when I was made anew, yet it stayed alongside a more primal energy surging within me. Donning my armour, I made a vow to myself. Tonight, I would no longer be hunted but become the hunter. I leave this message for my Coven. I walk among the trees alone now.

Luana, I carry your might.


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