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Read about our latest updates and general game announcements!
Latest: 09/01/2023
Patch Notes (23 Posts)
Release changes will be logged here.
Latest: 07/09/2023
Game Guides (83 Posts)
Follow these helpful guides to learn more about Lorwolf gameplay.
Latest: 09/19/2023
Have questions about the game? Find help here.
Latest: 09/20/2023
Bug Reports (397 Posts)
Have you encountered any strange bugs or errors? Please post them here.
Latest: 09/13/2023
Suggestions (824 Posts)
A place to share suggestions for improvement.
Latest: 09/20/2023
Discuss any topic relating to Lorwolf.
Latest: 09/17/2023
For non-Lorwolf related topics.
Latest: 09/21/2023
Introductions (322 Posts)
Welcome! Please introduce yourself here.
Latest: 09/20/2023
Sales, Trades, & Giveaways
Lorwolf Trades (1634 Posts)
For item or wolf trades.
Latest: 09/22/2023
Share auctions and raffles here.
Latest: 09/21/2023
Off-site Trades (604 Posts)
Exchanging items with other games.
Latest: 09/21/2023
A place for hosting user events and giveaways.
Latest: 09/19/2023
Share your art or lore projects here.
Latest: 08/29/2023
A place to post custom apparel sales or discussions.
Latest: 09/04/2023
Creative Corner
Roleplay (13 Posts)
Begin your role-playing adventure within the world of Loria here!
Latest: 09/13/2023
Art Share (38 Posts)
Share your works of art with the community!
Latest: 08/26/2023
Writing Share (37 Posts)
A place to post lore and fan fiction.
Latest: 08/27/2023
Wolf Share (152 Posts)
A place to share all the diverse wolves of Loria.
Latest: 09/20/2023
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