Frequently Asked Questions
How long can our usernames be? What characters can we use? Can we change our usernames later?

Usernames must be 3-14 characters long and can include spaces, standard Latin characters, and certain supplemental Latin characters like à, æ, ñ, ø, etc. You can change your username at any time.

Where can I read about all of the lore so far?

We've compiled all of the current lore on our Role-Play forums, check those out below:
World Lore
Breed Lore

Is this a mobile game?

Our site is responsive, so if you have access to the internet you can play on your desktop or mobile device easily. Once things have been finalized, the plan is to port the site's code into a mobile app.

What other wolf species do you have planned?

Lorwolf will feature three starting breeds: Lupin (resembling wolves), Jocol (resembling coyotes), and Kit (resembling foxes). The other breeds currently include Bracchus (maned wolves), Zerda (fennec foxes) and Volmyr—a mythical wyvern species. Once the game is ready, we will keep releasing new breeds. Some types we have planned for the future are Direwolves, African Wild dogs, Bush dogs, modern dogs, Dholes, and Tibetan foxes! All breeds will be considered 'wolves.'

Will there be a wardrobe/skin/accent system?

Yes! We have plans to implement a user-submitted skin system, hopefully in time for official launch.

Will your pets eventually run away or die?

No. We want Lorwolf to be fun and casual so we will not be adding a death/runaway mechanic. Pets deserve to live forever. If you grow tired of some of your pets, you can always auction them off or release them for a certain amount of money.

Will there be RPG elements? Or purely breeding and collecting?

We are big on storytelling and lore, so we will definitely be making this a role-playing game. Players will start off on their own adventure through their pack's storyline and eventually play through all the other pack storylines. Once they've finished the storyline, endgame content will become unlocked.

Can you have multiple breeds in your pack?

Yes! Your pack will consist of any and all species you wish to include. Your packmates are also able to breed with the different species in your pack, i.e. Jocols with Lupins, Kits with Jocols, etc.

Can you obtain G1 wolves?

Yes! Players can “befriend” adult G1 wolves that are randomly generated during a scenario of the Campaign.

Are there any exclusive breeds?

Yes, the only exclusive breed is the Bracchus, which was obtainable during our Kickstarter campaign. We have no plans to introduce any other exclusive breeds.

What breeds and patterns can I choose for my starters?

You can choose from Lupins, Kits, and Jocols as a starting breed and Timber, Cozen, and Brush patterns.

Will I be able to gain premium currency via normal gameplay?

Economy balancing is still in the works, but you will be able to gain Moonstones via normal gameplay. For example, the daily quests, Gauntlet, and Mining will reward Moonstones.

Will items be retired?

Yes, some items have been officially retired including all Patreon, Kickstarter, Alpha, and Beta tester rewards. Other items will be soft-retired, such as the items that can be purchased from the weekly/monthly/annual events that will temporarily be unavailable until the shop returns during the next event cycle.

Can I share my account with someone? Can I register for more than one account?

No, all accounts on Lorwolf are strictly for personal use. Only one user (the account owner) is allowed access to the account. Please do not share your login info with anyone else. If multiple accounts are found to belong to one user, the accounts will be banned.

Can I change my pack? Can I play the other pack’s campaigns?

Yes, you can change your pack within the Account Settings in exchange for a certain number of Moonstones (the game’s premium currency). Yes, you may switch to one of the other three pack Campaigns by selecting their territory within the Campaign map. The center territory (Mistvale) is not a pack and cannot be played for the time being. This is where the endgame content will take place.

How many people are working on Lorwolf? Are you currently hiring?

There are two co-founders, Alaunis and JimJim. Check out our Contact Us page for a full list of all staff members! We are not hiring at the moment, but we will advertise any future openings on our Careers page.

What is the Lorwolf subscription for?

Users can sign up for our subscription service and receive a daily income of Moonstones and experience the entire site ad-free! This is an excellent way to support Lorwolf’s development and our staff.

Do you sell merch?

Yes! Check out our shopify page here:
Lorwolf Shopify Page

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