Development Status
Alpha Testing: November 2020 Completed
Kickstarter: March 2021 Successfully Funded
Beta Testing: March 2022 Completed
Early Access: December 2022 Completed
Official Launch: April 6th, 2023

Thank you for your patience and continued support, feel free to follow us on our social media pages to stay up to date on progress. Moonsblessings, we hope to see you soon!
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Development Update - March

Lorch Event and Support Bundles News

Feeling extra creative this springtime season? Interested in winning some cool Lorwolf prizes? Then check out the user @quichelewoof​‘s Lorch event happening now through March 31st! Submit a drawing, writing, or any other creative task involving your wolves or the game in general and post it online. Upload your submissions by the week deadline for that week’s rewards! The first week’s deadline has been extended to February 13th.

For more information and rules check out the original thread here: https://www.lorwolf.com/Forum/View?id=2790

As a reminder, all Lorwolf Support Bundles will be retiring on Friday, March 31st. Come official launch, all items included in the support bundles will be available for purchase within the Premium shop, albeit at a much higher price, so grab yours today while they last! And as always, thank you for supporting the development of Lorwolf <3

Early Access Closing Information

As a reminder, Lorwolf’s early access period will end on Thursday, March 9th. The site will remain open but early access players will not be able to log back in to their accounts. All game data except username and account id will be wiped, premium shop purchases will be refunded as credit, and redeemed codes will be re-usable once the game officially launches. Then, after a couple more weeks of development, the game will launch on Thursday, April 6th!

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Stripes Pattern

It’s here, the new Stripes pattern has just landed in the Demo, check it out! The Stripes Under, Top, and Accent items will be added to the Mole Market upon the next refresh, so early access players can try it out on their wolves. Here are some example woofs using this new pattern, we hope you enjoy!

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