Attention: EA Patch Notes 0.3.3 Thanks for playing early access! All data except username and account id will be wiped, premium shop purchases will be refunded as credit to your account, and redeemed codes will be re-usable once Lorwolf officially launches. Cross-site trading is prohibited during early access.
Development Status
Alpha Testing: November 2020 Completed
Kickstarter: March 2021 Successfully Funded
Beta Testing: March 2022 Completed
Early Access: December 2022
Official Launch: Date TBD

Thank you for your patience and continued support, feel free to follow us on our social media pages to stay up to date on progress. Moonsblessings, we hope to see you soon!
Do you want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out our demo and design your own wolves!

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Early Access Begins Soon!

We hope you're ready, Lorwolf's early access begins in just over 48 hours! As a reminder, beta testers will be let in first at 12:00 AM UTC December 1st.

Anyone who signed up for early access and hasn't yet received a confirmation email, please send a message to us at along with your email address. You will then receive a second email come December 1st letting you know that it is your turn to log in.

In other news, our Black Friday sale ends tonight, so last call to grab the discounted Support Bundles over at!

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