September News

Hey everyone, Alaunis here bringing some September news. Our team has been working hard preparing for the September Dev Update and 1.1.6 Patch Notes. We are extremely excited to share these updates with you as soon as they are ready. Here's what we've been working on over the past month:

Art Team

Our new artists have been settling into the team well and have been working on the following:

  • New pebble apparel and companions
  • Darkspine Event apparel
  • Achievement assets

Code Team

  • Site-wide bug fixes
  • Achievement rebalancing, testing and bug fixes
  • Darkspine event framework building

Support Team

  • Custom Apparel Training has been completed. We are monitoring the current CA queue to ensure it is running smoothly.
  • Mod Trainees will soon be coming up to the end of their training over the next month. We will be welcoming some new faces to the team soon.

We will be releasing patch notes 1.1.6 around the middle of September, which will include numerous site-wide fixes and updates. These will include some long-awaited bug squishing and improvements to our mobile player experience. Additionally, we plan on having an hour or two of downtime shortly before the Achievement system releases - during which time the site will be unavailable. We will be sure to share further information about this as we get closer to the release date (TBD). I want to thank you for your continued patience as we focus our efforts on these updates. For now, here's a tiny glimpse of what's to come this September:

Development Update - July

We hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far. We're excited to bring you some new updates for the month of July! To start off, the achievement system's launch date has been set for Saturday, August 6th. After a few more weeks of testing and balancing, we look forward to unveiling this highly anticipated feature. To see a full list of everything that was updated recently, check out the Patch Notes.

What's new?

  • Poll Results & Roadmap Update
  • Refer-A-Friend Feature
  • Puppy/Bloodline Predictor

New Profession Poll Results & Roadmap Update

Points have been tallied, Archaeology won the poll with an impressive 52% of votes! Players will be able to embark on a treasure hunt using the archaeology profession to unearth ancient artifacts and hidden rewards. As shown in the updated roadmap below, production is set to start the beginning of October:

Additionally, coding work on the inventory vault mechanic will begin in December. Based on player feedback, we have decided to implement a vault feature independent from the banking profession. This vault will allow players to set aside precious items, providing a secure space within their den to store and safeguard their treasures.

The roadmap has been adjusted according to our ever-evolving development goals. Now that the Puppy Predictor and Forums revamp have been completed, the code team has adjusted their plans to include the new Archaeology profession and Inventory Vault projects. The Mole Market Revamp project has been extended to last through the month of August.

As a reminder, we still plan on implementing the other two professions in the poll (Banking and Ranger), but at a later stage.

Refer-A-Friend Feature

We're very excited to unveil Lorwolf's brand new Refer-A-Friend feature - simply invite your friends to play Lorwolf and earn rewards!

How it works:

As of today, new users can add a referrer when registering for an account. Simply send your unique referral link to a friend and receive 100 Moonwater once they have created an account. Then, once your friend has achieved a total Companion level of 50 or higher, you can claim 1 Refer-A-Friend Companion. Please note that players cannot make referrals retroactively, i.e., those that have already registered for an account cannot add a referrer. The Refer-A-Friend section can be found on the Profile page.


Referrals automatically grant 100 Moonwater to both the referrer and the referee. To receive an Orthrus Companion, the referred player must achieve a total Companion level of 50 or above. After this requirement has been met, both players can claim one Refer-A-Friend Companion of their choice - the Wildtail, Eclipsed, or Rustfluff Orthrus. The Glintfire and Starlume versions may be claimed once the player has referred at least three people. All versions are soulbound and limited to 1 of each per account.

Puppy/Bloodline Predictor

We're thrilled to share that our Wolf Demo has been given an exciting upgrade! In this enhanced version, players now have the ability to create new wolves, store their unique designs, and predict puppy genetics, including full color ranges.

How it works:

Save any of your Wolf Demo designs by clicking the green "Save Current" button. Saved designs can easily be re-loaded into the demo, or used in the Puppy Predictor. The Puppy Predictor allows players to input one male and one female wolf design to check for inbreeding and generate the pair's potential offspring including the color ranges and their genetic traits.

Speaking of puppies, the code team has enabled the use of specialty items on puppies due to popular demand. Puppies will now display on the wolf selection modal when selecting a specialty item to use.

We hope you have a blast using the new demo, and we invite you to share your designs with us and the community on social media by tagging @Lorwolf!

Patch Notes 1.1.4: June 18, 2023

Listed below are the changes that have been made to the game over the past couple of weeks, read on to find out what has been updated:

  • Wolves:
    • Increased released wolf rewards (increased pebble rewards based on wolf level, added knucklebone token to wolves released at level 10)
    • Updated popup when assigning a companion to a wolf (will now display companion level when selecting a companion to assign to a wolf)
  • Companions:
    • Balanced Zapscour Attack strength (9 > 7)
  • Campaign:
    • Added new profession scenarios to the Campaign that reward Profession items and XP
      • Crafting: Bits and Pieces (Darkspine 1) - lvl 20
      • Crafting: Learning Experience (Darkspine 3) - lvl 35
      • Hunting: Trophy Collecting (Darkspine 2) - lvl 20
      • Hunting: Learning Experience (Darkspine 3) - lvl 35
      • Cooking: Find Ingredients (Goldsea 1) - lvl 20
      • Cooking: Learning Experience (Goldsea 3) - lvl 35
      • Farming: Seed Gathering (Goldsea 2) - lvl 20
      • Farming: Learning Experience (Goldsea 3) - lvl 35
  • Hunting:
    • Fixed bug that was preventing some 100% success missions from completing
  • Mole Market:
    • Batch, bulk, and mass bone paste recipes are no longer soulbound
    • Changed Cashew Milk from Common to Rare (now restores 60 stamina instead of 5)
    • Added new food items and recipes
      • Uncommon: Turnip Salad, Mushroom Soup, Fruit Salad
      • Rare: Spicy Snail Stew, Livid Snail Stew, Spicy Snail Stew, Meat n' Taters, Veggie Platter, Potato Soup, Salmon and Rice, Catfish and Brown Rice, Fish Platter
      • Epic: Hearty Breakfast, Seafood Feast, Fruit Feast, Veggie Feast, Nutty Feast, Bread Feast, Bug Feast
  • Forums Updates:
    • Updated layout to include user posts and subscriptions list
    • Updated forum home page layout to emphasize certain categories
    • Added pagination to the top of pages
    • Changed Recent Topics pager to go up to page 10 (instead of to 900+)
    • Thread titles now support "&"
    • Added a new "Locked Thread" indicator (search and thread)
    • Added a new "Edited" indicator for posts that have been edited
    • Added ability to ping by User ID
    • Forum ping notifications now link directly to the pinged message
    • Added ping visual indicator (re-color of the ping)
    • Creating a new thread will now auto-subscribe the OP to new comments (players can unsubscribe from threads using "Unsubscribe from Post" button)
    • Fixed bug that was occasionally preventing the "Subscribe to Post" button from displaying
    • Made signatures not display for blocked users
    • Added ability to load wolves in forum posts by using {Wolf(ID#)}
    • Changed dark mode pager color to indicate the current page #
  • Custom Apparel:
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Added some missing commas to large numbers
    • Fixed bug preventing mobile users from organizing their dens
    • Optimized image file sizes to improve performance

Additionally, based on user feedback, we've decided to lock this and all future patch notes from public comments. From now on, edits and updates to patch notes will be posted in the comments section. Questions, comments, and suggestions about patch notes may be posted in the Questions and Help and Suggestions categories. We hope this will provide much-needed clarity for our players and reduce confusion surrounding what features are edited and when.

Development Update - June

We hope you’re ready and excited, this month’s update is full of wonders and items to collect, a development roadmap, and our inaugural community poll! For a full list of all of the recent changes, check out the Patch Notes. In other news, the highly anticipated Achievement system is in its final stages of testing and fine-tuning, and we’re aiming to launch at the beginning of July!

Please join us in welcoming our newest additions to the pack; Ath (they/them), Rhulk (he/him), Eindride (she/her), and Beidou (she/her, formerly Witchyyweasel) - our newest volunteer moderators, and Swell (he/him) - our newest coder! These mods will help provide extra support for our current staff in maintaining a positive and supportive community atmosphere, and Swell will be assisting JimJim with a multitude of coding projects.

What’s New?

  • Development Roadmap
  • New Companions and Apparel
  • Poll: New Feature#1
  • Now Hiring: Background Artist

Development Roadmap

Curious what the staff working on? We’ve created this handy roadmap to give Lorfolk more insight into our development projects and schedules. More details about each of these projects and the upcoming achievement system have been outlined in this post. We've not made final decisions for all the suggestions yet, but here's some of the ones we're looking to implement as development continues:

Please note: this roadmap is subject to change.

New Companions and Apparel Items

Experience a kaleidoscope of color this summertime with our newest Companions and apparel pieces! As of today, players can purchase these rainbow-themed wonders from the Mole Market for Pebbles:

Poll: New Feature #1

Lorwolf’s first ever community poll is now live, cast your vote for what new feature our development team should focus on first - a new mini-game, profession, or puppy custom apparel. Log in and cast your vote now! Please note that we are planning on implementing all of these features eventually. A follow-up poll will be released later in the event the mini-game or profession win, to decide the specific type of each.

Now Hiring: Background Artist

We are seeking a talented artist to help create background artwork for the Campaign and various other features. Artist must be able to closely mimic the Lorwolf background style. This is a contracting/freelance position and you will be paid a flat rate per finished piece. If this sounds like the job for you, then please fill out the application form below and submit it to along with a portfolio of your previous work. Be sure to include examples of your background/landscape works if applicable.


Requirements and expectations:

  • Must be 18+ years of age
  • Work collaboratively with the art team and communicate through Discord
  • Match the game’s lineart, coloring, and shading style
  • Be proficient in Adobe Photoshop or other related art program
  • Complete projects within set deadlines

Application Form:

  • Email subject line should read “Artist Application - Your Name”
  • Please list the name you would like us to call you, pronouns, and Discord ID/username:
  • Are you 18 years of age or older?
  • Please outline your previous experience as a freelance artist:
  • Let us know your preferred rates (i.e. what you’d like to be compensated per background piece):
  • Have you played Lorwolf or other petsites before?
  • Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
  • Please include a copy or link to your portfolio so we can see your previous work!
Hi there! Introducing your Community Manager

Hey Lorfolk!

I'm Quiche, and I've officially taken the step up to being the Community Manager for Lorwolf. You might have seen me around the forums or discord bustling from one thread or question to another, helping out where I can.

As a massive advocate for putting the players first, I will absolutely do my best to assist in making sure you feel your voices are being heard.

My first step to achieving this goal is outlining some of the CM duties that I have:

There are still plenty of other duties to perform, but over the next few months the Dev Team and myself hope to bring you more community feature improvements. Between the Dev Team's commitment and drive, and the passion of you lovely lorfolk, I feel confident that together we can bring the world of Loria to an even brighter tomorrow.

Oh, and you might have noticed a couple tweaks today. The Dev Team have pushed out a few live changes.

Bug fixes:

  • Added commas to all item quantities
  • Fixed bug that was auto-feeding non-food items
  • Added confirmation button to hiring Tiny and Bigs
  • Fixed bug that was causing lost fishing trips

Support Team:

  • CA Team can now change tags and fix minor punctuation errors without a rework being sent back.
  • CA Team training is underway to get the queue running as smooth as possible.
  • There's a new support thread for Custom Apparel called Will It Approve? for checking whether your item will have any issues when submitting before you get to the completed stage of your works.

A heads up that there may be more live changes over the next week on the lead-up to the June Developmental Announcement where all these changes will be consolidated.

With that aside, I would just like to thank everyone for your kindness, understanding and patience. I'm looking forward to supporting both Lorfolk and the Dev Team.



Edit: Typos oops!

Development Update - May

Greetings everywolf, it brings us great joy to celebrate Lorwolf's one week anniversary! We hope you have been thoroughly enjoying your experience thus far, keep reading to find out what we have planned next:

  • Game News
  • Polling System
  • Upcoming Achievements System

Game News

What an amazing start, over 5,000 accounts have registered, 17,000 wolves created/found, and 4,300 puppies born since launch! The Custom Apparel store has been positively flooded with apparel pieces designed by our talented players, with over 325 Custom Apparel Tokens submitted and many more on the way! We are amazed by this community’s creativity, and we are so excited to see the shop continue to grow over time.

In other news, we've been hard at work on the Wild Wolf befriend feature. Once finished, players will be awarded a Knucklebone Token after a failed Befriend Wild Wolf scenario. These tokens can then be exchanged for a free, randomly generated Wild Wolf. We hope this alleviates some concerns about the low rates of success for this scenario.

Lorwolf is hiring additional volunteer Discord moderators! If you’d like to join our growing team, head over to the Careers page for more information on how to apply:

Player Polls

We have also received feedback that our communication has been somewhat lacking since launch. We take this feedback seriously and are actively working on improving our communication channels with clearer and more concise avenues for players to see developer activity and news.

Additionally, we’ve begun work on a new Player Poll system, which will let users vote on important game development decisions. Through these polls, we aim to foster a more structured approach to decision-making, ensuring that our development efforts align closely with the preferences and expectations of our community. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive towards better transparency with our valued players. We’ll be sharing more on this during following development updates so stay tuned!

New Achievements System

One highly requested feature we have had since our early testing phases was an achievement system. We are delighted to announce that the achievement system is well on its way, and we hope to have it completed within the next month!

This new system will offer various rewards, including Moonstones/Pebbles and unique badge ranks for every goal achieved. To help you keep track of your progress, we will be adding a dedicated Achievements page where all rewards and achievements will be listed. As a special bonus, a select number of these badges will be displayed automatically on all user forums, so you can proudly showcase your accomplishments with the entire community!

Here is a sneak peak of these badges, featuring Farming Rank 1 and how it could display on the forums:

Additionally, we’ve updated our old Forum ranks to reflect the new pixel badge design:

Thanks all for an amazing launch, we look forward to the future as we continue to grow and learn together with our players. Moonsblessings and happy hunting!

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