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The Eyes of Radiance Research Notes

Zokhar fidgeted with his glasses before relinquishing sheets of papyrus paper to you. They are neatly bound and came with a stoppered vial filled with black liquid. The first pages are filled with theories on the Consumed, whether or not it was truly a sign of turbulent times of old.

The authors seemingly squabble back and forth across the parchments pointing out Goldsea had far more pressing problems with their failing crops. As you read on further, it slowly becomes a common consensus that the black fluid and samples were of a non-biological origin.

One page in particular stood out to you labeled Reference 2A. A sketched close up of observed enigmatic runes that were found in the fluid. They’re harsh and jagged, filling you with a sense of dread.

The next page describes the informal observation of one, Ficus Rue by their mentor, Sage Alaiza.

Ficus Rue came to my office late one afternoon agitated and clearly sleep deprived. Not only did he scratch his fluff over my sterilized tools, he complained of his ears ringing several times. Throughout my teachings he’d pause to itch his oversized ear with his hindleg no less!

Perhaps I should have taken dear Ficus seriously at that very moment, he wasn’t one to raise his hindleg in public. But there was work to be done and time ticked on.

Over the next series of weeks, Ficus would become more irritable and jealous of his peers. Even going so far as to plagiarize the work of them and crying wolf after rushing to hand in his papers first. His behaviour became more sly and unbearable as one oath sworn to truth and prosperity in Elius’ light.

Deciding to confront this strange almost distorted version of the Ficus I knew and raised in these very halls, I called him to my office. At first he was apologetic, almost simpering, but upon seeing my disappointed demeanor and his looming dismissal from the Academy, he lashed out pushing my desk over with unusual strength for such a tiny frame.

It was then that I saw it.

His eyes lit up with a sickly green glow in the corner of his iris. One so familiar to those who have read the scriptures of the fall of the glorious era in which all five Spiritwolves once ruled.

The Consumption had taken hold of sweet Ficus.

I managed to lock him inside of my office as he raged on, my personal guards appearing to my side. They urged me along to take care of my wounds and set up guard duty till they could transfer him to the cells.

During the night as I rested, Ficus had managed to wheedle his way out from my office when the guards changed. The guard claims that his very words were persuasive and before he knew what had happened, Ficus had already slipped past him into the dark corridors.

Where he has gone, I haven’t the foggiest. For now any sightings of Ficus Rue must be reported to The Eyes of Radiance.

To this very second I write this letter, I am unsure of how the Consumption affected Ficus. This observation shows that not all Consumed are changed rapidly and some can change slowly with minimal signs. I urge my fellow scholars, Sages and Eyes to research carefully into the Consumed and the Consumption. I believe we will find ourselves needing as much information as possible soon.

O’ Elius, shine bright to beckon back those lured to Chaos.


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