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Breed Lore

Find specific information about all of our current wolf breeds here, including images, physical descriptions, and behavior.

Breed Showcase - Lupin

The Lupin breed is an ancient one. It is said that theirs was the first of the modern breeds to emerge on the lands of Loria. They are a large breed with thick, shaggy coats suited for colder climates, though they are able to shed their winter coat during hotter months. They typically weigh between 80 to 100 pounds and stand 30 to 35 inches tall at the shoulder. They have a deep chest, a broad snout, and a heavily muscled neck, which allows them to take on even the largest of enemies. Their powerful legs are adapted for long-distance running and short bursts of speed.

Lupins for the most part are highly social and would prefer to be in the company of others rather than on their own. They are very expressive and enjoy communicating with others. Their congenial personality and trustworthy nature allows them to excel in positions of leadership. Though they prefer to be a part of large social groups, they can be fiercely combative with other Lorwolves they don’t know. They have grown much more accepting in modern times, however their instincts still tell them to be wary of outsiders. But if the proper introductions are made and a friendship is offered, they can become the most loyal of companions.

It is said that the blood of the Elderwolves runs through their veins and gives them the strength of their ancestors. When pushed far enough, Lupins are able to summon almost supernatural power. They prefer to settle disputes through intimidation rather than physical altercations, though they aren’t afraid to throw their weight around when necessary.

Breed Showcase - Jocol


Jocols are smaller than Lupins yet larger than Kits. They have narrow, elongated ears that help them pinpoint hidden prey and act as a temperature regulator. Being highly adaptive, they can have thick or thin coats, depending on the surrounding environment. They typically weigh between 20 and 45 pounds and stand 24 to 40 inches tall at the shoulder. Though not as fast as Lupins during shorter sprints, Jocols can actually out-run their larger cousins over a long distance.


Jocols are an incredibly imaginative breed. They have fanciful yet ingenious ideas about how to improve the world and often embark on long, rigorous journeys of study. They are generally a very social breed and open to friendly outsiders, though they aren’t afraid to defend themselves when provoked. Jocols are also remarkably vocal. They can produce a wide range of noises and often prefer sing-song conversation rather than just talking. Melody and song is interwoven with the stories they pass down through the generations, allowing them to store and recall a vast amount of information.

When facing a difficult situation, Jocols tend to find a creative way to solve it. They are able to escape seemingly impossible dilemmas with relative ease. Other creatures consider them to be incredibly lucky, but Jocols attribute their good fortune to resourcefulness and imagination.

Breed Showcase - Kit

Kits are a notoriously crafty breed. They are small in stature and most recognizable by their large fluffy tails. Their coat is typically light, though some Kits grow thicker coats while in colder climates. They typically weigh between 10 and 20 pounds and stand 15 to 20 inches at the shoulder. Their thick tail acts as a counter-balance while jumping or running and their strong hind legs can propel them upwards of 9 feet, making them one of the most agile breeds.

Being a smaller breed, Kits are typically reclusive. They tend to be the most active during the night when they can stick to the shadows and remain unseen, though they do love to sunbathe under the midday sun. Kits are also known for their cunning and crafty nature, which lets them get away with all sorts of mischievous deeds. They sometimes can be introverted and wary of others, even those of their own kind, though a gentle approach will eventually convince them to open up. More rambunctious Kits are very outgoing and love to sew disorder wherever they can. It all depends on their individual personalities, which vary wildly.

When put into a difficult situation, Kits tend avoid confrontation rather than engage in a physical altercation. Their smaller stature makes them naturally wary of larger beings as they can easily cause them harm. But whatever they lack in physical size, they make up for with a sharp mind and quick feet.

Breed Showcase - Bracchus

Description: This breed was modeled after the Maned Wolves of South America. Much like their real-world counterparts, this leggy breed is an incredibly fast sprinter and can travel over 50 miles in a single day. The Bracchus has adapted to the warmer climates of Loria and prefers to roam the wide open plains. They have long lifespans and typically weigh 82 - 115 pounds and can grow to nearly 50 inches tall at the shoulders.

Behavior: The Bracchus is a fairly reserved breed. They can be social but tend to choose their friends very carefully and are good judges of character. Bracchus’ are known for their reflective nature and do well in advisory or investigative positions within society. They have excellent memories and can recall past events with surprising accuracy. Having a longer lifespan than the other breeds means they like to think in terms of the bigger picture rather than get caught up in short-term details.

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