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15 days ago
Cooking Guide

The Cooking profession lets you convert the raw food you gather throughout Loria into yummy cooked meals, which restore considerably more stamina than their raw counterparts. Since we wouldn't trust a wolf with fire, our handy helper, Thumbs, is here to happily help the howlers with the hassle of cooking!

On the top of the left side of the screen, you can see all of your Raw Food. Click on or hover over any of them to select that item. In the popup menu, you will see a green "Cook" button. Click on this, then select the quantity, and hit "Confirm." This will throw your raw food into Thumb's Kitchen, located right below his image. Note: by default, this pot can hold only 12 ingredients, but with pebbles you may expand it to hold up to 24!

After you’ve selected one or more ingredients, the potential results will display underneath the pot in the “Thumbs’ Choice” section. Finding the right combination of ingredients will let you cook more complex recipes. Once you discover a recipe (when you actually cook it) it will be automatically added to your saved complex or simple recipes. Later on, if a saved recipe appears with green letters, that means you have all the ingredients and can cook it by clicking on its name. If it's greyed out, then you're missing at least one ingredient. Note: some recipes require only one raw ingredient, while others require a specific combination of ingredients.

Once you’ve decided on a recipe to cook, then all you need to do is click on the green "Start Cooking" button and wait for Thumbs to finish preparing the meal. Once he is done, you may claim the cooked foods either by clicking on the Claim button, or claim it automatically once you begin cooking something new. Note: some meals require more skill than others, and on lower levels, Thumbs may burn your food - if he keeps burning something, try cooking something else until you’ve leveled up your skill. Successful cooking attempts will grant you XP.

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