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Den Guide

The Den is the heart of each pack - which is why it's so important to have a great understanding of how it works!

The layout

On the left, you can see all of your tabs, and below that, your wolves. On the right, you can see the location of your den, Nana (the NPC that can play with your companion for pebbles), your den statistics, and buttons for various actions, such as organizing your wolves.

Under each wolf's image, you can see their names, and next to that, their séx marker icon:
♀ - female
♂ - male
Note: wolf séxes can be changed with the "Séx Swap" premium item. These change both the séx and the pose.

Below your wolves, you can see their level, stamina bar, and several icons:

  • Flames - the wolf is ready to breed.
  • Helmet - the wolf is wearing apparel.
  • Howling wolf - the wolf is your alpha.
  • Sandglass - the wolf is on breeding cooldown.
  • Empty heart - the wolf is ready to be sent to the nest.
  • Full heart - the wolf is ready to give birth.
  • Grey companion icon - the wolf has a companion on playing cooldown.
  • Brown companion icon - the wolf has a companion, and it's ready to play.
  • Piggy bank - the wolf is for sale.
  • Piggy bank with a heart - the wolf is for sale as stud.


Your slots determine how many wolves you can have altogether. By default, you are given 10, and you may expand your den for pebbles (under “Actions”). Each expansion grants 1 additional slot. You can see your total number of slots under Den Statistics.


By default, you have only one tab, but you may purchase additional ones at any given moment by clicking on "+New Den." You can switch between tabs by simply clicking on their names.

If you glance at the right section of the page you can see the map of your pack's location. At the top right is a pencil icon, which you can click on to select the coordinates of the tab. To rename the den, simply click on the existing name and hit “Save.” To set the coordinates, use the white "Set Coordinates" button, click anywhere on the appearing map, then select save. You may modify these coordinates anytime (with the same method), or delete them altogether by clicking on the X next to the appeared coordinates.


Through the actions box, you have the option to feed all of your wolves, organize them, and expand your den.

While it is possible to feed wolves individually through their profiles, this button will feed all hungry ones at once by clicking on the handy "Feed All" button. This action feeds from left to right, based on your lair order. So if you don't have enough food for all hungry wolves, the last ones will remain unfed.

You may organize your wolves using the second button under Actions. Clicking on it will switch to Organize mode, and you'll notice some changes to the UI. Most notably, the checkboxes above each and every one of your wolves.

To rearrange your wolves (on desktop) simply drag and drop them, or (on mobile) click on the appeared arrows to move the wolves. The changes will only register if you click on the "Save Positions" button, located where normally the Organize button is. If you change your mind, simply leave the page without saving.

By checking any of the appeared boxes, a pop-up will appear, which will let you move wolves between tabs. Select each wolf you wish to move, then the desired tab in the pop-up menu, and click on "Send to Den." This action will move your wolves and take you out of the organization mode.

And the final button under Actions will let you expand your den for pebbles. Each expansion provides 1 additional slot.


Nana is a friendly NPC who has endless love for all companions, so she eagerly helps all other wolves to play with their buddies! Whenever you have at least one companion off cooldown and ready to play, a green button (“Yes, Play All”) will appear at her legs, and clicking on it will allow you to play with all companions at once! Using her services costs 100 pebbles per companion. All companion rewards will be listed in the appearing pop-up, including XP and items gained.

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