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15 days ago
Fishing Guide

In need of even more food? Then grab your nets and head over to the Fishing mini-game! This activity sends one of your wolves to several fishing spots located around Loria. Each location is loosely based off of the four playable packs: Murkwood’s Peaceful Pond, Darkspine’s Backwoods Brook, Icerun’s Frozen Fjord, and Goldsea’s Open Ocean. The Peaceful Pond unlocks at level 1, while the others unlock with higher and higher fishing levels.

Available Fishing Trips

The top left section shows the fishing locations and the number of available fishing trips at the top. Once you begin a fishing trip, a countdown will start signifying when you can fish again. You must wait 15 minutes for another fishing trip to open up. In other words, you can fish 4 times every hour.

Beginning a Fishing Trip

Once you're ready, you can click on the Begin Fishing button. This will take you to a new page showing the fishing spot and will consume 25 energy from your wolf. Random ripples will appear on the water's surface. Clicking on these ripples before they disappear will grant you fish or a trinket item!

Once the time limit runs out, the fishing trip is considered complete. Then, you can decide to fish again (which will consume an additional 25 stamina and restart the same fishing trip), or you can navigate away. All rewards are shown at the bottom. You don't need to claim these rewards, they will automatically show up in your inventory.

Additional Information

  • Each fishing location is stocked with its own unique kinds of fish and valuable trinkets
  • Larger fish can be found in the higher level fishing locations
  • Changes since the beta/alpha tests: the amount of available fish no longer decreases with each fishing location. Every trip has about the same number of fish to catch. Now, fishing is restricted by the number of trips you can begin each hour.
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