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Lorwolf Trades Guidelines

Trading Items through Lorwolf: Trading items through our service’s Trading system will not be regulated. Users understand that any transaction that takes place through the Trading system is final. Users that choose to use the Trading system do so at their own risk. Staff will not intervene on any transaction that takes place within the Trading system, unless a trade was proven to be part of an illegal activity that violated our terms. When trading items through our services, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. You may not use our services to negotiate trades between two other games. Only Lorwolf trades may take place within our services.
  2. Three-way trades that involve real-world currency are not allowed. Use of a third party to negotiate trades between two individuals is allowed, at your own risk.
    • Allowed: User C collects trade items from User and A and User B and disperses them.
    • Not Allowed: User A commissions a plushie for real-world currency from User B. User A then trades this plushie with User C for Moonstones.
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