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Forum Etiquette
Lorwolf is open to everyone and will always aim to be a safe and cozy place for people from all walks of life. In keeping with this, we ask that all users follow some general guidelines before engaging with the community. Please make sure that you have read and understood Lorwolf's Terms of Service. These guidelines are a complimentary list, not a replacement to the ToS. Any threads or comments that fail to follow our Guidelines will be moderated according to the severity and frequency of the incident or incidents. Please remember that the Forums are visible to everyone who choses to visit them, and neither you nor the Lorwolf team has any control over who reads or replies to your topics and messages. The language of the Forums is English, so please avoid posting in any other languages.

Topics and Actions to Avoid

You may not:

  • Use foul or inappropriate language: By the PG-13 nature of Lorwolf, words that are considered inappropriate or otherwise hateful have no place on the site. Do not attempt to bypass the profanity filter.
  • Discuss forum moderation and account penalties or “mini-mod”: If you disagree with our team's actions, you may submit an appeal via Contact Us. You may not tell others how to play the game nor try to control them in any other way. You may also not try to tell our staff how to moderate. If you believe someone is breaching our Terms or Forum Etiquette, please utilize the report feature.
  • Discriminate: Lorwolf is open to everyone; any words or speeches that are hateful, discriminatory, or offensive towards people or groups (such as cultures, races, séxual orientations and religious groups) of people will be removed.
  • Mention or discuss any NSFW subjects, real-life tragedies, heavy, offensive or any other topics that may upset people: Keep in mind that Lorwolf is open to users as young as 13 years old, and some topics are not suitable for young audiences, or can easily upset people and lead to arguments. Discussions of religious or political topics are not allowed, because of their inherent polarizing nature.
  • Vent, trauma dump, share pet-peeves and unpopular opinions: Lorwolf is not an appropriate space to share your traumas. If you are dealing with trauma, please try to seek out professional help. Users may not post post goodbye threads in which to vent or call out members of the community.
  • Ask for medical advice: If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please seek professional help. Avoid posting medical advice.
  • Intentionally provoke other users (trolling): You may not attempt to derail threads, comment for shock value, share clickbait, or otherwise provoke other users.
  • Directly, indirectly, or vaguely call out users; or engage in any other form of personal attacks: Lorwolf has no control over who visits our Forums; if you dislike someone, please walk away and, if applicable, utilize the blocking feature. You may not list anywhere the users you have blocked. You may also not use sarcasm in a demeaning way. Attempting to circumvent the blocking feature by stalking or calling out other users that have blocked you is not allowed.
  • Abuse of the report feature or malicious report: Do not abuse our report feature by continuously reporting someone you dislike, tell users that you have or will report them, or start arguments to report users.
  • Be aggressive or threaten anyone: To ensure a friendly atmosphere users must always be respectful towards each other. You may disagree and engage in debates, but always remember that everyone's opinions are valid.
  • Beg: Any form of sob stories, guilt-tripping, asking for gifts, or actions that are otherwise meant to make users feel bad for you are forbidden.
  • Boast with the intention to belittle or upset people: While there's nothing wrong with celebrating your achievements, you may not do it in a manner that upsets other users
  • Post spam: Pointless messages, chain mails, bumping up topics (except in sales), and copy-pasting the same comments have no place on Lorwolf. Do not post either for the sole purpose of increasing the number of your forum posts.
  • Reveal identifying information: Keep in mind that anyone can visit the forums, and you have no control over who reads the information you reveal. This includes full names, addresses, and images of yourselves.
  • Share exploits, malware, and tools meant to modify the game: If you discovered such material, please reach out to us via Contact Us. Mining for site information or revealing data that has not already been officially shared with the community is not allowed.
  • Impersonate other users or staff members.

Creating Threads

New threads must be relevant to the forum subcategory and non-misleading. Please avoid making duplicate threads by searching the Forums first. Thread titles may not be written in all capital letters, nor a random mix of capital and non-capital letters.


Forum replies must be on-topic. Refrain from reviving old threads unless it's constructive or relevant. Avoid using formatting that makes texts hard to read, such as small font sizes and bright or light colors.


Please remember that other users might not have made it as far as you did in the Campaign. To ensure that their experience is not ruined, please mark topics that are intended to discuss the campaign as such with a [Spoiler] warning. And avoid sharing spoilers elsewhere.


Do not post vibrating, flashing, bouncing or other images that might cause seizures or nausea. Do not post images that are considered NSFW or might upset people in any other way, such as overly creepy images.


Do not post links to sites that are not in accordance with our Terms and Forum Etiquette. This includes NSFW content and sites that contain flashing images. You may not use URL shorteners either, as they both hide the linked site's address and collect user data.

Good Lorfolk:

  • Treat others in a manner they would like to be treated.
  • Respect everyone's identity, opinions and beliefs.
  • Always aim to be kind and understanding.
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