14 days ago
Level 17
Patch Notes 0.1.5: October 17, 2020

Happy Saturday everyone! We are very happy to see that there have been a lot less bugs reported this week, which hopefully means gameplay has been running a lot more smoothly. We are still working on some of the more major bugs/suggestions, but for now here are some of the more minor issues that we were able to fix:

  • Fixed typos within Campaign and some item descriptions
  • Fixed coat pattern errors
    • Jocol Male Cozen Smoke
    • Lupin Male Timber Slate and Abyss
    • Lupin Female Timber Cloud, Ice, Storm, and Pearl
    • Lupin Puppy Timber Abyss
  • Updated Pattern Change Specialty items to reflect new pattern designs
  • Removed ability to organize blank spaces between wolves in the Den
    • Bug was adding in blank spaces when a user sold/released a wolf so we reverted to disallow any empty space between wolves
    • Refreshing should now remove any blank spaces in the Den
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