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Backerkit Survey and Other Updates

Hey everyone, we are back with some very important updates! Read on to find out more:

What’s new?

  • Backerkit Surveys
  • Wolf Demo 4.0
  • Currency Survey

Backerkit Surveys

After a long wait we are finally ready to send the Backerkit survey to all of our Kickstarter Backers! We will perform a short “smoke test” that will email the survey to 5% of our backers so that we can catch any errors, after which the survey will go out to everyone else. Backers should expect to receive the survey within the next few days, so please reach out to us at support@lorwolf.com if you haven’t received yours by April 20th! And be sure to check your spam folders!

The Wolf Creation Demo Version 4.0 is now live on Lorwolf.com! Thanks to the generosity of our KS backers, we are able to introduce 41 new additions to our color wheel, bringing our total number to 121 distinct colors. Please note that some colors from the original wheel have been updated or removed to accommodate these new ranges. Let us know if you notice any errors or leaky spots, and be sure to show us your new creations by tagging us @Lorwolf on social media!

One change that has been highly requested over the course of our development (even back during the Alpha test) was to rename our regular in-game currency from “gold” to something a bit more unique to Lorwolf! We’ve gotten some excellent suggestions from this community about what this new currency could be, and we’d love to get your opinion. Please fill out the survey below to help us decide!


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