4 months ago
Development Update - January

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first Lorwolf development update of 2022! We’ll be sharing some info about what we’re working on and our latest speedpaint is now live on YouTube. Read on to find out more:

What’s new?

  • Beta To-Do list
  • Holiday Giveaway Winners
  • Companion Speedpaint - Machaira

Last October we shared a look at what we’re doing to get ready for the upcoming beta test. We’ve accomplished a lot over the past several months, so it’s time to share the updated to-do list:

  • Framework upgrade and server hosting conversion Done!
  • Murkwood Done!
  • Goldsea Done!
  • Darkspine 50% Done
  • Icerun 50% Done
  • Color wheel expansion Done!
  • Designer items 80% Done
  • Internal testing 25% Done

Companion Speedpaint - Machaira

Our latest Companion Speedpaint video is now live on Youtube! Check it out:

Machaira Speedpaint

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