4 months ago
New here!!!! Woah!!

Hey I'm new!! I'm sure there's no shortage of newbies, so add me to the pile!

I'm currently going through and trying out all kinds of pet sites. I've joined a couple recently, including The Last Outpost, Furvilla, 4dopt, and I'm planning on trying out more but I have to pace myself. I'd love to know if anyone else is trying those out too!

I remember seeing people talking about Lorwolf before when it was still in development- I even tried out the wolf creator demo. Well, now I'm here after it's finally open! I'm very curious about it :D

It's nice to meet you all! I can't wait to explore everything this site has to offer ^^ !

4 months ago

Welcome to the site! I hope you have fun here!

Also I'm not super active there rn but I'm on Furvilla too!


Pet's name: Atlas
4 months ago
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Hihihi! If you haven't already taken a look, there's a lot of guides that are helpful to newbies. I have a bunch of wolves left in my Sales/newbie givaway den so feel free to pick one out for yourself


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