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Seasonal Vouchers and Stamina Bugs

Hi there!

Just popping in to get our community up to speed on the strange new items and changes that happened last night.

The announcement banner explaining the seasonal vouchers and stamina bugs was prematurely cleared and has caused some confusion. Last night, a bug caused the new seasonal vouchers to be given out early, as well as untested, unannounced stamina changes when we were looking at balancing cooking. The drop rate of the seasonal tickets was quickly reduced. In the interest of fairness, the tickets have remained on-site and are collectable prior to the first seasonal event. More information on seasonal currency will be made when the event goes live.

Last night's glitch has naturally caused some concerns revolving around potential stamina nerfs to foods. Whilst this is not confirmed to be happening, we are looking into an announcement to inform the community on why we have been looking into stamina changes in foods and where any changes to Cooking may go. Most of the stamina changes were reverted. The foods that have not been reverted have been sent along to the Dev Team.

We apologise for any confusion and frustrations caused by this incident and for the disruption.


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