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15 days ago
Farming Guide

Farming is one of the many professions your wolves can master. This profession lets you grow various plants and harvest the products of your hard work!

On the left side of the farming page you can see your plots. You start with 2, but as you level up your profession level two additional fields will become available for you. On the right side, you can see your farming level, the friendly NPCs, the option to trigger their bonus, and the way to gather compost and water.

How to farm:

First of all, you will have to gather some seeds! They can be purchased from the Mole Market and found in hunting, another profession. Most seeds require you to reach a higher farming skill to plant them, except corn and wheat, which can be grown starting from level one.

You will also need compost and water, which you may gather at the bottom right of the farming page. These resources exist only within the farming mini-game and are essential for a successful harvest. Your maximum storage increases as you level up.

Start farming with the green "Till Plot" button next to the image of one of your fields - tilling takes 10 seconds and lasts for two minutes. But fret not if you run out of time, as you may till your fields indefinitely.

Once the field is tilled, proceed with the "Select Seeds" button, choose a seed, then click continue.

All requirements (seed, compost, water) will be displayed, if either number is greyed out that means you don't have enough of it. If all needs are met, you can click “Plant Seeds” and begin a new, peaceful life on your Lorfarm.

But don’t get too comfortable: the real work is about to begin! Compost and water levels drop every 4 minutes - once they reach zero the crop will die, so be sure to check back regularly to take care of your plants. If you grow tired, the always-hungry Tiny Tusk and Big Beak will gladly keep your crops healthy for 12 hours in exchange for some food.

If the plants die, clean the plot and start the process again. Dead plants will provide no XP, nor harvest.

If you succeed at taking care of your plants, harvesting the grown crops will not only get you farming experience, and some plants, but you will also become more familiar with the specific seed - these levels are displayed at the bottom left corner of the page. The higher a plant level is, the greater the harvest yield will be.

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7 days ago

This is helpful thank you, I wasn't sure how often i needed to water things.

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