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[CAST] Custom Apparel Support Thread

Please comment below if you want to contact staff regarding your submission.

New Submissions:

  • You may ask for some minor changes, such as typo fixes.
  • You may ask us to return the submission for rework if you notice several issues you wish to fix.
  • You may ask about the status of your submission if you sent it over 15 business days ago.

Sent for rework/Rejected Submissions:

  • You may ask for further clarification.
  • You may ask for help on how the issue should be fixed.

Accepted Submissions:

  • You may request assistance from the CA Support Team on your approved submission. This includes .png replacements for art errors such as pixel errors, items not overlaying correctly and icon issues.
  • You may request minor changes, such as typo fixes and description edits.

Removed CA:

  • You may request a refund via the CA Support Team for a CA removed for violation.

Please note: FireAlpaca is crunching our files and causing artefact issues and bleeding pixels when players save, use our files, and upload them to Lorwolf. We are unable to assist with issues caused by this programme.

Other links:


How do CA Removals work?

The creator of the CA will be alerted that they have two weeks to update their CA before a removal will be processed. The creator can submit their updated CA files by emailing support@lorwolf.com. In the case of no CA files being received by the time period is up, the following will be applied:

  • Creator names will be randomized to prevent harassment.
  • The CA name will be changed to "Removed"
  • The description will be changed to an appropriate message. Example: "The creator has unlimited time to update this CA. You may hand in your CA for a refund via the CA Support Thread."
  • A removed CA will have its icon image replaced with the image of a warm greyed-out CA icon with stripes along the square.

In the case of a suspension from CA service, the creator will be unable to update their removed CA until their suspension is done. Once the updated CA files have been received and approved, the CA will be restored with the creator's information, name and description.

1 year ago
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i made an error on submission to the ms price. is there any way i can get it corrected to 250 before approval?
1 year ago

I did a custom apparel for the dragon fur coat and the dragon leg armor and they make my wolf white with the items instead of just adding the items. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Edit: I just re-done the entire pieces of work for both customs. I didn't know that I had to put the new customs on another layer and not the same as the linework. It's transparent and ready to go for both pieces of the dragon custom.

Edit 2: I just noticed a piece of white near the mouth because of the “Deluxe Dragon Fur and Horns” wasn't transparent at the bottom of the custom for some reason. Please delete the Deluxe Dragon Fur and Horns” and approve the "Deluxe Dragon Fur With Horns” version as it is all transparent.

Thanks. : )


Art is coming here soon.

1 year ago

I request rework【Branches leaves】and【Tail grass】plz,I missed some layers…

edit:At discord it has been resolved,thanks Quiche

1 year ago

Ack, I just realized for my first/recent custom (Bejeweled) : I submitted with the old icon instead of the new one! Here's the updated icon, if you're able to directly implement this one instead.

Edit: ty for sending it back for rework! Should be all fixed now

1 year ago
it seems like i accidentally requested to receive all five copies of one of my recent orders instead of putting them in the custom apparel marketplace . i was probably tired lol . is there a way i can have the items removed from my inventory and put up instead ?
1 year ago

could i possibly keep 3 of my apparel and change it to male lupin, not male jocol? i also did not mean to put them all up for sale and realized my mistake way too late >___<

or sent back for rework if that is not doable? the art isn't incorrect, just the species & number I wished to receive. (3) – and 2 go up for sale to make back my moonstones.

it is still being reviewed so i am hoping for it to be fixed /rejected so i can fix my mistakes.

1 year ago
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Hi! Is there any way I could get a small rework done on Soft Dreams of Hydrangea? I forgot lorwolf has a built in dark mode so using white to hide the tail doesn’t work ;w;

1 year ago
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I can't seem to upload my design, it's blank whenever I put it in over a wolf and it doesn't upload, is there a way around this?

Fixed! Thanks to the post below, leaving it up incase anyone else has the same issue


Hi I lurk and go on frequent hiatuses, but I check in every few days.

1 year ago
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Hi @Shiver! I am not staff, but I did encounter this the other day and after a lot of fussing and troubleshooting discovered it was related to my file size! If a file is over 1.5 MB it won't load on a wolf - and while there is an error that will tell you the file is too large, I find it doesn't always fire. I didn't start getting the error until my file was reduced to 1.51 (it didn't seem to trigger if the file was 1.6+ mb).

I hope this helps!

1 year ago

I was confused about the apparel icon and submitted an image that has just the apparel, not on a wolf, when I meant to submit one with the wolf so it's clearer what the apparel is, could I get it sent back so I can fix it?


Please ping me when replying to me! Ty!

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