8 months ago

Patch Notes 0.3.3: January 8, 2023

Happy new year, we hope everyone enjoyed a nice holiday break!! We’ve made the following changes over the past few weeks: Thank you for your patience as we make our way through the bug reports and suggestion forums, and be on the lookout for January's development update coming soon!

  • Wolves:
    • Added new color swatches to wolf details section
    • Added new ‘Perma-Puppy’ and ‘Cancel Perma-Puppy’ items to the Mole Market (will be live during the next mole market refresh)
    • Added new puppy “time until adulthood” countdown timer
    • Changed offspring list to display in order of wolf ID instead of alphabetical
    • Fixed bug that was displaying equipped apparel quantities incorrectly
    • Fixed bug causing downloaded wolf images to not display worn custom apparel
    • Fixed bug that allowed inbreeding
  • Activities:
    • Updated initial daily quests to not include Gauntlet to help new players
    • Slightly increased daily rewards
  • Custom Apparel: added Waist/Hip and Chest location tag options
  • Mole Market:
    • Adjusted recipes section to be 10 wide instead of 5
    • Adjusted seed quantities
  • Campaign:
    • Exploring again should now retain browser scroll position
    • Fixed Icerun Precious Cargo Scenario direction text
  • Companions:
    • Removed Mutterbird Companion as item drop from Mutterbirds
    • Added hover displays to the Beast Compendium
    • Companions page should now show all owned companions too, not just ones with experience
  • Hunting:
    • Replaced second Varani with correct version in the weekly shop
    • Changed treasure hunting quests to require level 3 instead of 1
    • Added new Hunting Trinket item required for treasure hunting quests - found in Mole Market and frequent combat drops
    • Added extra party member slot to low-level quests to help with initial difficulty
    • Added new ‘Mission Impossible’ quest
    • Slightly improved rewards
  • Combat: Fixed bug causing poison, bleed, and healing effects to never expire
  • Command + click and shift + click should now behave correctly with links
  • Fixed bug preventing players from trading items that are equipped on a wolf
  • Item select modals will now account for already selected items
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