1 month ago
Level 17
Patch Notes 0.1.3: October 10, 2020

We spent today focusing on some of the more major issues with message/image sizes, breeding bugs, and duplication exploits. We’ve tested and approved these fixes ourselves, but please let us know if you are still encountering any of these issues!

  • Placed new limits on message sizes within forums, messages, bio sections
    • Forum titles should now wrap appropriately
    • Content/HTML limited to 100KB
    • Images are limited to 500KB
  • Reset gold/gem amounts for anyone who had more than 100,000 gold/gems back to 100,000 - so that we can more easily track/report currency bugs
  • Removed ability for a user to friend request someone who has blocked them
  • Updated Nytha Companion item description to grant up to 100 gold when played with
  • Fixed bug where selecting the same color in the color range on AH resulted in incorrect search
  • Fixed bug where breeding two wolves of the same color resulted in a random color
  • Fixed bug where breeding two wolves of a similar color would create puppies of only one color
  • Fixed bug that allowed users to duplicate items within the messaging system (attaching or trading items)
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