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^ I haven't played, but I've noticed that the Arceus soundtrack is amazing, while I listened to the entire Scarlet/Violet ost and nothing stuck.

Jak and daxter, and other action-adventure platformer ps2 games. Recent Zelda has filled that void for me lately.

1 year ago
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I love turn-based strategy games like Heroes of Might and Magic and Battle for Wesnoth! The latter actually inspired my progens :)

But my all-time favorite game is Doom (1993), which is a first person shooter. It's simply unrivaled.

From the FPS genre I also love Hexen, which is a puzzle game many have nightmares from, lol. I don't generally like FPS games though, but the 90s ones are an exception. I just like retro games in general, they have a charm to them that was lost in the modern era of 3D realism and particle spam.


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recently went back to a game series i've loved since '06, can't believe i didn't add it to my first post! Animal Crossing... such a lovely, chilled series of games that is so sweet and soothing. <3
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1 year ago
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My favorite way to game is to find cozy indie titles on sale on the switch. Particularly choose your own adventure titles. “I was a teenage exocolonist” is a great different endings kind of sim game, I loved it, and my favorite I’ve played in a while.

Most of my hours have gone to animal crossing new leaf and horizons, but I don’t play anymore.

Love the Zelda series! Link between worlds ds and ocarina of time are my favorites

Skyrim is just such a classic. Will always love it! Especially with mods but I don’t have a PC currently.

A big fan of farming sims; stardew valley being a revolutionary indie farming sim made by one person, I love it so much.

Fire emblem three houses was lots of fun.. rune factory 4 special is great.

I grew up on the fable games, first games I played where choices matter and I still love 1 and 2. Don’t really play them anymore though, but they were my favorites growing up.

Add me if this is your vibe ✨

1 year ago

I don't really care about genre. I gravitate towards games with story. Like, I wanna connect to the player character and NPCs and just experience a good story. I will play games like SSB, or COD every now and then, but I always find my way back to story games.

Platformers though can be fun. I was basically raised on Mario and Sonic, so it's no surprise that I enjoy platformers.

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1 year ago
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I love story-driven games, with really well written characters!

The dragon age games hold a special place in my heart, as well as the Dishonered game series!

I've been really into Yes, Your Grace lately, I finished a few years ago but finding out that there's a sequel coming out has gotten me so excited!

Horizon Zero dawn and forbidden west are also amazing ♥️

Point-and-click adventure games like Grim Fandango and Unavowed also have these amazing unforgettable characters! So I love those game too~


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For being the games I grew up on and still play: Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon

For changing the way I view video games as a storytelling medium: The Nier series


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