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Development Update - September

Happy Sunday everyone! This month brings an exciting new update to our Demo, as well as some news about our plans moving forward. Read on to find out more!

What’s New?

  • Demo Update - Maned Pattern
  • Patreon News
  • Youtube

Demo Update - Maned Pattern

Our Wolf Demo on Lorwolf.com has been updated to include the new Maned pattern! This pattern was modeled after the maned wolves of South America and is tied to the Bracchus breed. Up next will be the Zerda’s pattern—which will feature stripes!

We hope you enjoy the new Demo, please feel free to share your creations on our Discord or on social media, and be sure to tag us @Lorwolf so we can see what you come up with!

Patreon News

Last month, we announced the possible return of our Patreon. We’ve gathered some very helpful feedback in the meantime, and as a result we have decided against restarting it for the time being. Instead, we will be looking into hosting a support bundle—a bundle of game items that can be bought in advance of Lorwolf’s official launch. We hope this provides a fair way to support our development in exchange for some valuable items! As soon as those plans have been finalized, we will announce the support bundles here and on our other social media pages, so stay tuned.

Youtube Plans

Starting this month, we will be posting more speedpaints and gameplay footage on Youtube to give everyone a look at what we’re working on behind the scenes. To kick things off, here is our latest speedpaint featuring the Vulpactia Companion! Enjoy <3

Vulpactia Speedpaint

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