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Crimson Tree Hollow

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Crimson Tree Hollow [ Store ]

Your steps are paced in a slow rhythm. They write a song as floorboards are pressed under the heavy weight of paws. Each creak, a calculated note. And each note bounces on the tree bark walls.

The melody is broken when a fleshless crow flies into your sight, eyes- there were no eyes, just empty sockets oozing out abyss-black water- staring at you. It sighs. “Good day, or night, or neither I suppose. The sky never tells. What brings a newly trapped soul like you to this store?”

You direct your nose to point at the shelves on the opposite side of the room. The crow only nods before leaving you to your own devices.

1. Consumables:

Food. They provide both energy and fulfillment. Each and every one of them looks delightful, but you just can’t get that repulsive smell of decay out of your nose.


[ 1 Stamina : 1 Pebble ]

*Please PM if you want a specific type of food, ex. Pumpkin Pie, Rye Bread, etc. If I have those in stock, I’ll trade them for their stamina value.*

2. Apparel:

Scarfs, cloaks, capes, they are all mixed into a single pile. They wail uncontrollably, repeating the same words over and over again like a wolf gone rogue. The crow does not seem bothered by their cries.

3. Everlasting Smile (Wolves):

They look real. Look. It is just that their lips are smeared in smudges of crimson and stretched to resemble a doll’s unnerving smile.



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