3 months ago
Apparels list

Hi! I'm coming back with a new question lol

Is there a list of the existing apparels so that I could think about new outfits for my wolves?

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3 months ago
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Hello! There are a few guides out there that might be of help to you.

lissajo's Image Guide To Official Lorwolf Apparel

  • This guide has images of official apparel w/ previews of what they'd look like on each breed.

Wraith's Apparel Guide

  • This guide has preview images of official apparel w/ information on how to obtain them.

JDoggyGirl's Custom Apparel Masterlist

  • This guide has a list of custom apparel, but keep in mind that some items may no longer be for sale!

Who will win this staring contest? Place your bets now.

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