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Hi Lorwolf! I made an account when I discovered that the game came out but was aware of development when it was in the kickstarter phase. The game was pretty confusing to me however, so I dropped it not long after creating my account. However after trying again the last few days I figured that people might be able to give me some guidance :) because I mean, you all have figured things out to be here.

I have plenty of specific puppies I want to create, but obviously I need a lot of resources to get there and I'm having trouble with the basics. This isn't my first petsite but for some reason Lorwolf is proving beyond me.

So anything you can tell me about gameplay is appreciated! Things you wish you knew when you were starting? Efficient ways to do things or maximizing profits? Things I should be hoarding or things that it's fine to sell because they have no purpose? Things that are a waste to upgrade? What about the holiday tickets? Where can I go to get the goodies? How are the forums? Breeding mechanics (coordinating so many variables looks like a big yikes for breeding projects holy)? Market values? What are other people looking for in their puppies and what's worth selling vs releasing?

Seriously. Anything at all. And a huge thanks to everyone who is taking the time to post something for me.

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1. Things I wish I had known

I wish I had known in the beginning to save up and hoard these trinkets as they are used for hunting - Common Hunting Trophy, Nomad's Luck, Blue Agate, Moonlight Rose, Nytha Spines, Jaspilite Iron, and Wanderer's Charm.

2. Things it's fine to sell

Honestly, I save everything besides trinkets. EXCEPT for the ones listed above as they're useful for hunting as mentioned before.

3. Holiday tickets/where you can go to get the goodies

We are on Hunting Holiday, currently. To maximize your daily ticket count, remember to do your first few daily activities, actively work on finishing the weekly activities/holiday activities, and remember to release a level 10 wolf once per day so you can get an extra ticket from that. Here's a handy guide that lets you know when each weekly event is, and what each of their shops stock.

Every day you should be getting 10 tickets for daily activities, 1 ticket from wolf release, and then you get the 55 tickets for weekly event activities, I believe. So that makes 132 tickets you can obtain every event. If you're looking to profit, I'd suggest saving up and buying the event companions and selling them on the Flea Market.

4. How are the forums?

In what way? If you're looking for guidance/help, they're pretty good! A lot of users are willing to help answer questions. There is a TON of information in the Game Guide section that I'd recommend checking out. Just a few of those are:

LissaJo's Beginner's Guide (A WIP but still handy!)

All Item Guide

Cooking Recipes

5. Market values

This is going to be in a constant state of change, and different for each item, so can't really help unless you specifically are wanting to know the value of one thing at this current moment in time. For wolves that are G2+, (Generation 2 and above) it varies and is extremely dependent on personal taste it seems. But as I am someone who is usually only interested in generation 1 wolves, I am not as knowledgeable in this area. Someone else may have a better response.

I can help you with wild wolves a bit though. They are still sought after, but their value is highly dependent on a few factors. People like nice IDs, [Repeating numbers such as (ex. 11111) or Palindromes (ex. 12321)], and nice cohesive colors. If you find a nice pastel wild wolf, or a natural colored wild wolf, it is very likely there will be a group of users out there willing to pay nicely for them. Doubles/Triples/ect are also sought after. [Wolves that have the same color in their markings more than once.] For doubles, people are pickier and usually it's the ones that have nice colors that sell quicker.


Free Wolf Giveaway - Always open!

Wild Wolf Hunting Service - Open to MS/CA/Wolves!

3 months ago
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Activities: The daily activities give you pebbles for completing them and when you complete one it gets replaced by another. They also do an auto-reset once a day. There is a timer next to them that tells you when they will reset. The pay out ranges between 200-800 pebbles per activity. This is a reliable source of income.

Mole Market: Every six hours you can claim a free item from the mole market. Many of them you can sell on the flea market if you don't want it for yourself. Always buy bones, bone paste and raw leather when it shows up. You will use a lot of it. Bonus tip: if you have a friend also playing the game, what shows up in their Flea Market may be different from what shows up in yours. So if you are looking for a specific recipe that doesn't show up often, ask your friends to keep an eye out for it in their shop. They can buy it for you and pass it to you in a trade.

Flea Market: Listings vary. I usually check what others are selling a similar item for and aim for the same range. Then I take notice if it sells or not. If it doesn't I lower the price.

Inventory: On your inventory page you can sell items to the vendor (this is the selling price listed on an item when you hover over its icon). You will find the Vendor button on the inventory page.

Cooking: Cook food constantly to feed your wolves. When you unlock more complex cooking recipes (search the forum for "cooking recipes"), you can sell what you make to the vendor or in the flea market.

Den: In your den is a button for Manage Auto Feed. Here you can select what your wolves can eat when you press a Feed button. Unless you are in an individual wolf's profile, pressing the Feed button will feed all of the wolves you are using in campaign or gauntlet and it will fill them completely. So if you want to save certain ingredients for recipes, go to Manage Auto Feed. When you learn a new recipe, it will automatically be added to the section of food the wolves can eat, so if you are making food to sell, go to Manage Auto Feed after you learn the recipe and disable it.

Leveling: Level your wolves before releasing them if you can. You get 1000 pebbles for every level the wolf is at when you release it up to 10,000 pebbles at level 10. You level wolves by playing them on campaign and you will also collect things on campaign like food and trinkets that you need. Win win.

Gauntlet: Gauntlet is a good way to make pebbles, but not my personal preference. Give it a try to see if you like it. There are suggestions for what wolves and companions to use in the Forums. You will want all level 10 wolves and companions for it.

Trinkets: I hoard trinkets up to an amount of 300 or 500 depending on what makes me feel comfortable. Then I start selling any I gain after that amount to the vendor. This allows me to have enough on hand for hunts if a new trinket is required but also allows me to make pebbles.

Holiday Tickets: Each festival has its own shop found under the Shop tab during the current festival. You can trade in your tickets for special companions or trinkets to hoard or sell. After the individual festivals cycle through once there is an Activity Festival. The tickets from this one can be used to buy tickets for the other festivals or materials or trinkets. Festival tickets cannot be sold on the market.

Farming: Is worth it. It gives you ingredients for complex recipes that you can sell. And you can use the raw ingredients to feed your wolves leaving you free to sell the things you cook.

Moonstones: This is the premium currency on Lorwolf. You earn shards from doing activities like cooking, mining, farming, fishing and hunting. 10 shards make a moonstone in the Crafting section. Moonstones and Shards can be bought and sold in the Flea Market for pebbles. You can buy moonstones with real world money too.

Quest Line: Almost forgot, once you play through the story in the pack you start with, you can then play the story of the other packs. (You will still remain in your original pack as noted by the flag on your profile picture even when you play the other Quests.) This will unlock the other campaign scenarios for you which provide different items and advantages for later random campaigning. Use a wolf you want to level when playing the Quest lines because you get a lot of leveling points for them.

Demo: Under the Den tab you will find Demo. If you place the ID number of a wolf in there, at the bottom of it you can place it in the pup predictor. It will show you the likely possible colors and types of pups you will get from a pairing. This is a relatively new feature.

Patience: This is a leisure game. If you have to have the best of everything or the most of everything right now, if you can't find enjoyment in the process and the play, it might bore you. Everything takes time, breeding takes time, farming takes time, leveling takes time, earning takes time. But there is always something to do when you do play and the developers keep us up to date as they bring us new things which is awesome. So just relax and enjoy the play.


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