1 year ago
[Spreadsheets] NPC Market Price Tracking

I've been working on a few spreadsheets to track what items show up in the Mole Market and the Event Markets, and how much they cost. I like being able to look at how much NPCs sell an item for when I go to list it on the Flea Market, but couldn't find any easily accessible way to do that if the item wasn't listed at the exact time I went to go check, so I made these! (Also I just thought it would be fun to do.) I figured other players might find these useful, too, so I might as well share them.

Fair warning, I'm not the most familiar with Google Sheets or anything similar, and the formatting is based entirely on what I find the most readable. You're absolutely welcome to make a copy of my sheets and edit them however you like, or to reference my sheets to make your own.

If anyone is interested I'll make an update pinglist for big spreadsheet updates (Things like new-to-site items, new-to-site shops, or big changes to formatting). You can also just bookmark the thread and check back every once-in-a-while to see if there's anything new :3c

Both spreadsheets are still WIPs!

Mole Market (MM) Price Tracking

Still missing items!! There's still a bunch of things I'm certain are sold in the MM, I just don't have the information to add them to the spreadsheet yet.

This sheet usually gets updated at least once daily, though it varies depending on how my MM looks
  • Each shop section has its own dedicated page
  • On each page, items are sorted first by rarity, and then alphabetically by name, which is the same order the MM displays items in
  • Includes per-unit purchase price, and Vendor sale value
  • P = Pebbles
  • MS = Moonstones

Activity Event Shop Price Tracking

Currently only has information on the Abundant Activities and Crafting Caravan events!! I will be adding each event as they come.

  • Each event has its own dedicated page
  • On each page, items are sorted first by item type, then by rarity, and then by the order displayed in the shop itself
  • Includes the amount of each item you'll get for your purchase and purchasing price. Also includes Mole Market per-unit purchasing price (if I have that information for that item), total equivalent MM cost of your purchase (if I have that information for that item), Vendor per-unit sale value, and total equivalent Vendor sale value.
  • AcV = Abundant Activities Vouchers
  • CrV = Crafting Caravan Vouchers
  • P = Pebbles

This post last updated: Jun 4, 2023
1 year ago

Pride items!!!

New Miscellaneous items section on the Mole Market tracker sheet!

My MM had its refresh hit before the update dropped, so I'll have to wait to add more info from my own MM. But, I was able to use screenshots from others who had the items show up early in their MMs to get some item info on there. Since the devlog said that all of the new items would be available in the MM, I just went ahead and gave them spots on the page ahead of time, and I'll fill them in as I go!

1 year ago

Crafting Caravan!!! (+ Pride/Update Items)

I've added a Crafting Caravan page to the Activity Events tracker sheet!

There's also now a bit more info on the newest items on the MM sheet, and I moved some of them to the proper pages to align with where they actually appear in the shop

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